Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm Kylee and I'm a desperate housewife. (The real kind, not the ones you see on TV with disposable income and nannies). 

 From the time I was little I KNEW that I was going to do something great.... specifically, a country singer or an attorney. The rest of the things I loved I decided I would make them hobbies, since I'm a jack of all trades kind of girl. I love learning and I'm a freakish perfectionist. I'm learning to deal with that. So. I'm not a country singer or an attorney. Probably never will be. That depressed me for a while. 

    I recently had a breakdown/epiphany. I AM doing something great. I may not be employed but I have the most important job of anyone. I'm raising my kids. It's the only job I've got, so I better do well at it, otherwise I'm a failure. Also, my kids won't always be little and things won't always be so hard. 

My mom gave me a book for Christmas. It is called "Contentment: Insights for LDS Mothers" by Maria Covey Cole.  YEAH. I mentally rolled my eyes when I opened it. 
However, I was desperate for help, and I didn't care where I got it from. Something (my perspective/attitude) had to change... I was on the verge of who knows what... and was still not thrilled to be pregnant AGAIN. 

So I picked it up one night and started reading it, despite the frequent rolling of my eyes and many mental "yeah, right"s, I kept reading. Wow. Some was stuff I already knew or believed... but it was good to be reminded. Other's were new perspective and ways of thinking about motherhood and our role as mothers that I hadn't previously considered. 

I decided that I would suck up my pride and thank my mom for the book and tell her that it really has made a huge difference in my attitude and the way I look at things.  
Then she tells me, "I didn't get that for you. Irvin did. He saw it and thought it might help you. It really upsets him and makes him sad to see how overwhelmed you get sometimes and he thought it might help."  (or something like that). 

No lie. I got choked up.  Irvin, by the way... is my step dad. They've been married 5 years. It was touching. In fact I'm slightly choked up right now. He is a great man. 
This is my point and my purpose for this blog. I have realized that I need a place to express myself and feel like I am accomplishing things.  So here I can post projects I work on and insights I have and they can be revisited and provide something concrete to make me feel like I accomplish more than crappy diapers and taming temper tantrums. 

How do you like that I took a novella to get to that point? Sorry about that. Especially if you are still reading! They won't all be this long. I promise... as long as you don't hold me to it. 


  1. As far as it taking a book for you to get the point, it's not something that had to be explained to you. You said so from the beginning, you're destined for greatness. Sometimes it's not the little things to show you the way, but more or less to guide you back to the path you strayed from.

  2. I hear you sister! It is such a blessing when someone can see our needs, even if we don't. I am glad you have a blog so I can stalk you too- and hold you accountable for for accomplishing more.

    It feels good. Thanks for visiting my writing world, too. ;)

  3. Thanks so much for the comment, Anonymous, (sorry I don't know your name) I had never really though about it like that. Thanks for reading!

    Sycamoregirl ;) hold me accountable, please!