Monday, March 28, 2011

Lemon Lovers...

I have had a serious sweet tooth lately. Mainly for something creamy and rich, but I was fresh all out of ice cream and the patience to make chocolate mousse. So as I rummaged through the cabinets, my darling husband heard Lemon Cake and that was that. 
(Disclaimer: This was a quickly thrown together cake, don't judge.)

Well, what is lemon cake if it doesn't have lemon icing? Let's face it- the "Lemon Supreme" (or orange for that matter) cake mixes (because I'm lazy) are really not THAT lemony... well not enough for me, anyway. So I googled... it's always dependable and found this icing recipe

So I followed the recipe to the "T" except that I added more sugar to get the consistency I wanted... a lot more sugar. Like, 2 cups more sugar... and it could have used more. 

OH. and I sift my sugar. ALWAYS sift your sugar when making icing. It makes it much lighter and smoother in texture. 

(What is the difference between icing and frosting anyway? I'd really like to know) 

While I'm on my soap box, the quality of sugar makes a difference in icing too. My mom still thinks I'm frivolous and full of it, but it does make a difference. I use 10x confectioners sugar (Domino brand). I'm not sure but I think the difference is that 10x is finer and so it's makes smoother icing. Also, for some reason the flavor of the domino is way better than the generic I used to get.

The flavor was great. It was very lemony but not overkill... the perfect balance between sweet and tang. Try it. The icing made the cake! If you are a lemon lover... you will love it. Why? Because I said so. 

You know you want some of this dilapidated lemony goodness! 

On that note, it will look like it doesn't make enough icing, but it made more than enough for this cake. 

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