Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Tornadoes

Bailey, turns FOUR in less than two weeks. She has dang near endless energy and a whoooooole lotta' spunk. She has a huge heart and capacity to love everyone and she knows no strangers. She is also VERY stubborn, intelligent and has a ridiculously good memory... unfortunately for me. 

Trevor turned ONE in January.  I was just pregnant with him. I think that time warped and skipped ahead. He is such a big charmer. He flirts with everyone and loves to give chimp hugs. He is usually pretty compliant, except for when he's not... and then he laughs the cutest laugh on the planet and does it anyway... but you can't help but be charmed. He is also really stubborn and has started manifesting that and giving it all right back to Bails. She is in for it in a few more months. Poor girl, doesn't even see it comin'. 

Callen is still in utero but is expected to be here around the end of May. Here's hoping for a timely delivery. These kids like to hibernate. I guess I'm good at growing humans since they don't want to leave! 

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  1. congratulations on Baby Number Three! Love the name. We're due in July...should make for some interesting blog posts! :)