Monday, March 14, 2011

A Shabby Chic Country Birthday!

Four years ago today, actually four years ago (as of 30 minutes ago) I had the most horrific and phenomenal experience of my life. Luckily, the payoff was great. Who can resist those chunky cheeks? My beautiful Bailey girl joined our family.  It's only gotten better since. Today is a good day for us.. can you tell?
This weekend was her birthday party. I was pretty thrilled when it actually turned out WAY cuter than I had planned on. This would be compliments of alll the stuff in my mom's all too tiny country home. By this I mean all the clutter crap I constantly tell her she needs to toss. I'm grateful she doesn't listen to me very often... it came in super handy! I'm a jerk, I know. I don't mean to be. 
Here are the mediocre pictures from her party, I have more but they were taken on a film camera. GASP. What is film, you say? Film is an archaic form of photography in which has to be processed and developed and then converted to CD to edit.  So we won't be seeing them for a few days. I'm sure if there are some really good ones that ACTUALLY turn out, despite being taken by a clueless, wish-i-could-be photographer, I will post them. 
My birthday baby in all her glory. 

It just so happened that my mom had some wood in her yard that was shaped like a trough. It was GREAT for drinks!
The spread, we did take-n-go snacks so the kids could grab 'em and run... and they did. Though I took this before I finished the table. DER.
Close ups of the table: kettle cooked chips, S'more kits, and rice krispy treats.
Inside the mystery bags was popcorn.
Fresh produce, Trail Mix, and beef jerky. 
**drum roll, please!**

I was most stoked about this. To you it's going to seem pathetic and sad that I am so excited about this, but to me it was an ENORMOUS victory. 
You see, I SUCK at cake decorating. I mean, really, really suck. I can't usually even get a crumb layer done before I demolish the form of the cake, let alone align the layers so that they at least look slightly straight instead of like a dilapidated cake that a one year old has just ripped into. Seriously. When I say I suck. I mean.... bad. So I was STOKED that this actually turned out alright. In fact, I wanted it to look a little homemade/rough around the edges since we were doing a shabby chic country theme. So it turned out dang near perfect, except I was hoping for a paler pink... but we can't have our cake and eat it too, right? heh! I did... a big, fat, whopping piece. It's okay though, because I'm eating for two, and Jesus forgives pregger ladies for just about anything! 
Once again,  DRUM ROLL. PLEASE.

Not too shabby, eh? *wink, wink*

This frame was among the crap at mom's, that just happened to be perfect. So I printed a photo in sepia of Bailey from our last family pictures done by the very talented Wendy Updegraff . I have a small crush on her. It's okay, she knows. So does Jeffrey. 

I cut triangles and tied them together, so simple but such a nice touch for the fire pit to kind of tie it all together. 

Ella (Bailey's cousin), Bailey and Olivia enjoying that victorious cake of mine. 

The party was a success, the kids wore them self out bobbing for apples, running around, bludgeoning a pinata to death, it was beautiful weather, and lots of root beer floats and cake :) I am SO glad it's over. My fat prego behind is still recovering. The end. 


  1. SO FUN! Way to go, Martha! I mean, Kylee! Cake, tables, dress....all PERFECT! I wish we could have gone! Happy Birthday, Bailey girl!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Seriously awesome Kylee. Everything looks great. Your mom has been saving everything for a perfect birthday party! You have to thank her. :)

  3. Ya'll are WAY too sweet. Thanks so much! Casey, you're right, I do need to thank her!

  4. All of this is so cute! And I agree with Barbie in previous post, most enertaining tutorial, and super cute dress! Way to go preggers mama!

  5. What a stunning shabby chic party!! I just love your work. The pink color is looking perfect. You have used perfect embellishments to plan this party. My sister is turning 16 next month and going to host a party at one of local San Francisco venues. I would like to plan such a wonderful party for her.