Saturday, April 23, 2011

Keep on movin' on!

We are moving! Not the site, but my family! I apologize for being MIA recently. I just didn't think you'd want to hear me complain over and over and that's pretty much all I've done for the last couple of weeks, they've been rough.

It's bittersweet, we love the area and all of our friends over here. BUT, we have outgrown our tintsy tiny town home!  So, we are ecstatic to have more space. I am ECSTATIC that we found a rental that's decent within our budget. In fact it's pretty dang good for our budget and we are going to start moving in next week and do the big stuff on the weekend which MEAAAANS- I won't have to move with a newborn!!!!!!!

Let me repeat- I WILL NOT HAVE TO MOVE RIGHT AFTER PUSHING A BABY OUT OF MY BUSTED WHO-HA, while wrangling two toddlers and trying to find the crap I need in boxes that are who knows where, packed by who knows whom! Been there- done that.... it's a mild form of hell on earth. For this I am incredibly grateful to my Heavenly Father... more than you can imagine. 

NOW- my problem is that I have so many ideas for how I want to decorate (forgetting that it's a temporary locale and probably not worth my efforts) that I dream (literally)of all the fun projects I want to do (now that I have a yard to do them in!) and I can't sort them out straight in my head. They involve lots- and lots of painting things. You can fix dang near anything with paint. Then the problem is narrowing down WHAT to paint and which color to paint it in order to keep the room flowing. I think I'm in a paint frenzy. Here are some ideas I like: 

This is not why my TV armoire looks like, but I want to paint it a color. I'm just not sure what color yet. My house has been decorated in tones of brown for 4 years and I. WANT. COLOR.  I'm thinking a muted tiffany blue. I'm pretty sure that might be my favorite color, for now anyway.


I love the look of these side tables (for the living room). I'd also like them to be colored but I can't decide exactly what color... I'm going to wait it out and see what vibes I'm feeling in a few weeks after we are settled. 


P.S. I freaking love pottery barn. but I am too cheap and poor to pay their prices. It's a sad situation. 

l am going to paint my dining room table (that I just found on craigslist, because the current one I have is too big for the eat in kitchen.) My inspiration came from the TV show Brothers and Sisters a couple of years ago. brothers-and-sisters.jpg

I love the way there are different chairs, that are different colors, but it flows. So I'm going to paint the table white and each chair a different color. I'm thinking a springy green, a lightish blue, a light yellow, and maybe an orangey. Then I have a few old wooden chairs I'm going to keep so we have 6 instead of 4 chairs and I'm not sure whether I should:
A: repeat 2 colors once 
B: add 2 additional colors to the mix, like maybe a pale pink and _(who knows)_. 

I would LOVE some of your input or suggestions! 

 It's probably NOT a good thing that I will be living about 3 miles from a JoAnn's.  I shall post my ideas for you as they come... mostly so I can sort through them and get opinions.... I second guess myself. a lot. 

What projects are you going to work on this summer? What are your inspirations? 


  1. What is it with pregnancy that makes you want to paint. we painted our living room and kitchen and jakes room when i was preggers/ directly after having baby. lol good luck on your projects! mine are all more yarn orientated. hats legwarmers maybe a dress if im quick. who knows.

  2. I don't know what it is. Maybe it is that nesting instinct? Wanting everything to be new and fresh? Or maybe it's wanting to get it out of the way before you know you'll be exhausted? I'm sure it will remain a mystery! I've been sewing a lot too lately... In fact I'm in the middle of recovering my glider! YIKES!

  3. Kylee I have some Pottery Barn dishes for sale if you need?