Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Backyard Shenanigans

Oh. this. heat. 

... is ridiculous, especially when incubating a human. Wellll, we just moved (literally this past weekend) and our rental house has a nice big back yard. 

What does this mean? 

We are the proud new owners of a $10 kiddie pool, compliments of Gramma! It is THE. BEST. THING. EVER. 

Day 1: Surviving the Summer

On Monday we went out back to play and it was hot as Hades. Really, boiling.  It was interesting to watch the differences in behaviors of the boy spawn and girl spawn (I use the term lovingly, I promise).

Trevor is ALL boy. I know he doesn't look it here, but he was FILTHY. Bubbles and dirt adorned his T-shirt as well as every other inch of his body. 

He was not the least bit squirmish to jump in and dig in this whole in the back yard (probably from the previous tenants dog, in which I thank them, for providing endless entertainment for my children). In fact, we were at The Home Depot last night and Jeffrey wanted to get filler dirt to fill it in. I advised him that, that was not in his best interest. 

Love this expression. He is having a BLAST.... dirt and all. 

Bailey on the other hand, was content to blow bubbles and neatly dig in the whole, but whined when she got too hot, etc. etc. Ya know, typical girlish behavior, don't get me wrong, she doesn't mind so much getting dirty, but she doesn't ENJOY getting dirty, or hot.  She started hamming it up for the camera doing this manuever with her hands.... that NEVER, LET ME REPEAT.  NEEEEEEEVER happens. So I snapped as many as I could and was in such a hurry I didn't wait for it to focus. C'est Lavie. 

Day 2 

Yesterday, we busted out the kiddie pool. Heck yes! Now THAT is the way to go. I put on my mismatched maternity bathing suit top with a too small non maternity bottom and sat in a chair with my snausagey toes- yes you heard me, snausegey- like little snauseges... I don't know it just came out. Just go with it- resting on our broken cooler as Bailey dipped a cup in the water and came and poured it on me. I almost felt guilty, like I was endorsing child labor or indentured  servitude!  I was staying cool, catching rays, and my kids were entertained without me having to entertain them. 

HOWEVER. I learned a valuable lesson. USE A WATER HOSE TO FILL THE POOL UP. I didn't feel like getting the hose from the front of the house so I just pulled the pool to the spigot. I only filled it up about 3-4 inches max... but I could barely move that sucker! I got it about 4-5 feet from the spigot. Sooo- YES. My children played right by the trash cans like the redneck spawn they are.

Bailey decided to use cups to pour water in the hole. Trevor decided to dig up the mud and put it in the pool. Then sit in the hole, and get in the pool
 Furthermore, I couldn't find a swimmie diaper for Trev so I put a regular one on him... not wise, but I figured if he had to poop, at least it would be contained! It was bulging out the back and the little beady things were going into the pool, but, did they care? 

So. Redneck as it may be we are thoroughly enjoying this new backyard, it just may be how I survive the summer, having three kids. 

They were so worn out that they both not only ate dinner, but went to bed fairly easily! Heck, yes!

What do you do with your kids to beat the heat and keep them entertained? Do you have regular movie days inside, go to the pool, beach, park, or other recreational places? I'm up for ideas, particularly cheap ones!

That's my end note. Well Actually, THIS is my end note.... who can resist some baby butt crack?!

The End.


  1. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the backyard!! My girls are very much how you describe Bailey, and, well, quite honestly--so am I! I don't like dirt, and I CERTAINLY don't like heat. But, we DO love pools, even little ones! I hadn't thought of getting one of those kiddie pools for them to dirty-up and me not worry about it, since I could just rinse it and fill it again so easily. I think we'll do that!! Thanks for the idea. :) Besides that, we have a gigantic pool and tiny kiddie water park in our neighborhood, which is now only a few miles from your house, right? You guys can come swim with us anytime you'd like. But, I doubt Trevor would like that nearly as much as a muddy hole. I mean, it started to sound fun to ME, even. Seriously. ;)

  2. Love the story. I can't believe how much Trevor looks like his ahhpoo in that second picture. I am so glad they have a yard to play in now; it looks like they are taking great advantage of it. What an angelic pictures of Bailey, of course we know what really lurks behind that smile. Give them both a kiss for Grammy.

  3. Wading pools are a mother's salvation. You need to go for the full-on redneck and have them splashing around in diapers while you crack open a can of beer to watch the fun. Maybe after you're done incubatin'. ;)

  4. I like toddler boys let me finish pulling those down then cum in your sweet bum