Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been bustin' booty to get a few projects done before The New Kid gets here. I still have a couple tiny ones left, but for the most part.... I don't. Which means I'm bored and forced to do the mundane motherly things like, feed, bathe and clothe the kids (just kidding, well kinda), or mop the floors or do BLEH LAUNDRY! 

I bought a glider/ottoman for $20 on when I was pregnant with Trevor. The seat foam finally deflated to about 1 cm. thick (not kidding). So I decided to make a new one, and then thought, well, the back needs to match. When Gramma and I started taking the back apart to get our pattern we realized that the batting was sewn to the individual pieces and that calls for WAY more work than I felt like, so I just went with a slipcover.  Gramma is the BEST. I would be lost trying to do stuff like this without her.  Here are the before and after.


I had a close up of the fabric, but I guess I deleted it. I LOVE it. Thanks to Hobby Lobby for always having cute fabric. It doesn't really match Callen's nursery, but I don't care that much, it's close enough. This is actually Trevor's crib, ignore it. Their room isn't done yet either. Just a few more things. 
I'm going to hand stitch a few darts in it to make it more fitted looking. Also, the foam is really a little too long and hangs off the end, so we are going to have to tweak that. All in all, it wasn't AS hard as I thought it'd be, and I'm pretty proud of myself for not giving up and ripping my hair out half way through.

I would also like to add that this whole project (Including the original price of the chair) cost me somewhere around $56.00. Yes, you heard me right! Who says you have to spend a crap ton of money to make your stuff look good? NOT, I,


  1. Oh my, you completely baffle me. Wow. And homemade cute labels to boot. I think I need a Tylenol.

  2. Cute! You are going all out with the sewing business. I feel like a slacker!

  3. I need more information on this. I would like to change the cushions on my rocker . . . so was it Gramma Nettles that helped?? Maybe I can enlist her help. Will you FB or email me where you got the foam and possibly a pattern? Thanks! and I hope that little man comes soon.