Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Surrender

... to Mother Nature. I am done stressing out and trying to get this baby to come out. If I've learned anything from the other two it's that NOTHING is going to make me go into labor, unless my body is ready to begin with. Besides, as soon as Callen gets here I'm permanently enlisted in more work and exhaustion, so I am just going to enjoy this time with my TWO kids, before they become starved for attention due to the "New Kid on the Block" ( OH, how I wish I were going to their concert this summer!).

HOWEVER. I am not one to just sit on my toosh and do nothing unless it's absolutely necessary, I get stir crazy, and bored, and it's not pretty.

For a while, I've been wanting a return address stamp that is round and customized, but they are expensive, and I'm cheap and poor, even more expensive when you have to get the ink refilled, etc. etc.

SOooooooooooo. Because I am focused on doing nothing more than spending time with the kids and doing mundane non stressful housework, I decided to sit down and just make a label I can punch out with my circle punches and use.

WHO WANTS A LETTER?! 'Cause I'm dying to use one!

They were pretty easy to do, and my favorite part is I can make them any color I want... which is great, because we've already established that I get bored super easily. 

I can't wait to stick something in mail!... It's the simple things that make me happy!

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  1. I DO, I DO!!!!!!!! This post is hilarious!!! You are an awesome writer, o just go ahead and send me a letter :) Love you!!!