Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wish I could say I Quilt.

My friend Melissa suggested this blog a while back. Remind me to thank her for my lack of productivity due to blog stalking :) I have NEVER had the desire to quilt... until now. (Melissa is a GREAT quilter by the way).

I NEED this quilt... not one like it, THIS one. Fabric and all. I can not find the fabric anywhere. So I think I will just end up making one for Callen out of the fabric that will match his room and deny my obsession with this one... because I have to, OOOOH how life is unfair.

Until then, I still have to finish recovering the seat to my rocker, BUT I did get the back slipcover done, and it makes me happy to look at, just a few finishing touches and I'll show pictures!

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