Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nursery Theme.

I like things that are unique. I'm not a fan of having things everyone else has, they lose their appeal and originality. I still like them, I just don't go so far as to obtain them.

When I was pregnant with Trevor I was in love with the Dwell Studio Circles nursery theme {still like it}. It got discontinued, and I didn't purchase the clearance crib bumper, etc. Because A- things were tight, and B- I knew he'd be sharing a room with Bailey and I couldn't bring myself to mismatch their room.

So I bought the Crib skirt, wall decals, and changing pad covers {even though I've never owned a changing pad... I don't know... I'm a little nuts!}

So I have been racking my brains trying to figure out what to theme Callen's room. I don't want to waste the money I spent, and I don't have the money to completely overhaul with a new theme. So I've been at an impasse.

Until Monday.

I stopped in Ross to see if they have any table lamps to adorn my living room with. They didn't. However, I went looking at sheets and stuff in the kids department {Bailey is moving up to a twin sized bed p.s.... I found a comforter for her for $13.99!} that I happened upon and HELLO!

I found this entire sheet set {the guitars} for $9.99. I thought to myself. Seriously? There is so much fabric in there... a double bed sheet set... including..... 2 pillow cases, a fitted and flat sheet, for $10?!

SO, I lobbed it in the cart and told my old man, "Don't judge, I'm saving you money."

When I got home, I busted out the crib skirt to confirm that they work and they totally do. So it looks like I have a new theme for Callen's room and plenty of fabric to customize anything else I'd like. My favorite part, is that no one else will have the same nursery theme... that I know of, and let's face it.... that's the important part! Ignorance is bliss!

I shall post these projects as they are completed. The first thing will most definitely have to be a fitted crib sheet.... shouldn't be TOO hard right? Heh... right....we'll see!

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