Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nurture vs. Nature- It's not what you think.

Today is one of those days of desperation. As I am wrangling my darling, innocent and mischievous son from climbing on the table {his new favorite pastime} and as Bailey's begging to watch TV despite the fact that she's been sitting down for around 2 hours in the car while we run errands and I try my darndest to keep Trev asleep in the car- I am ready to rip my hair out. BIG SHOCKER, I know.

Then I think to myself something along the lines of "HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET ANYTHING DONE, IF THESE KIDS DON'T LEAVE ME THE FREAK ALONE!!!!"

That thought led to "why is it on the days I am or try to be most productive because there is a ton to do, I just can not keep it together!? Why can't they just behave so that I don't go NUTS and can wash some of my flipping underwear!?"

Which led to- "Oh CRAP, HOW am I going to do this with a BABY?!"

Followed by- "This seems to be a trend. Maybe the nature of the momster beast in me just blames them and gets frustrated because I feel pressured to get things done (particularly now, that I'm about to bust open with baby) and they are just being kids so I get cranky, then they get whiney because I'm not providing for their needs, and am more worried about getting crap done."

I'm neglecting to nurture because of my nature. So I need to find some balance and not worry about things like clean underwear ....

{seriously, I'm out. I had to drive across town to the old house because all the detergent got left over there, so I crammed my fat mom butt into some saran wrap sized ones to make it through the day... and nothing makes me more cranky than being uncomfortable!}

.... and unpacking crap that it's not going to kill us to look at in boxes, or sleeping {since I'm not going to get much anyway in the near future}

And there you have it folks nurture vs. nature. I need to let some crap go and nurture my kids a little more and say to hell with the rest of it, because years from now, it's not going to matter if the mailbox key, a spice rack, laundry and trivial crap that seems important now, ever got done.

So Nurture it is.

 I think I need to put several of these throughout my house.PSP07237a.jpg
  I truly do like it a lot, but once things turn super trendy- they tend to lose appeal to me... but it holds true and is a good reminder nonetheless.

The End.... finally, I know.

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