Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Carseat Canopy: Complete

Ok.  So I'm going to avoid telling you how long ago I started this project.
I lied.
I started it months ago. That's plural, as in more than one month ago. It has been finished except for attaching the velcro straps onto the body.  Seemingly easy, but for some reason crap like that is mentally overwhelming to me; and by crap like that I mean measuring and figuring out exactly where to place them.
I'm a fan of tutorials that tell you these things, but I merged two different tutorials together to get the end result I wanted. I contemplated doing the ones with the fronts that open, but I just did not feel like dealing with the extra work.

It still feels like it's missing something to me, so I'm sure I will go back and add something later on, but for now, with my impending delivery, it's DONE. Stay tuned, Saturday I finish the slipcover for my Glider/ottoman.... or at least make some progress on it.

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