Friday, June 3, 2011

Going Green!

I have a problem. OKAY- I have lots of problems.

 A few years ago a good friend of mine, Wendy (who is an interior decorator) educated me on a little store called HomeGoods. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite store.

Aside from PUBLIX, of course. Yes, the grocery store. It IS indeed a pleasure to shop there!

HomeGoods is tied or maybe a REALLLY close second.

Anyhow, I popped in after my Acupuncture appointment {to help get labor started hopefully} and lunch date with the hubster to grab a piggy bank for Callen's room that I found a couple weeks ago and was too stupid to get at the time. WELL, they didn't have it anymore, and I knew better when I passed it up, than to risk coming back for it, but I'm super bummed, and super stupid.

ANYWAY, so as I'm perusing the store I was looking at clearanced bed linens, because I've been wanting a new duvet cover or comforter or something, we've had the same dark solid colored one since we were married and it matches nothing. So I'm perusing and BAM!

Duvet cover- $10.00. YES. TEN DOLLARS!!! That's a ONE and a ZERO!! CRAZY!

"Seriously? Is this a joke?vWhat on earth could be wrong with it?" I think to myself. So I grab one, I'm not stupid enough to make that mistake again (today, anyway).

Then I go to peruse the lamps. They have great lamps at fairly affordable prices. Much more affordable than other places.

I got this one a few weeks ago because I loved it and it was only $24.99. I figured I would find a duvet cover that would go... and I did. It's a Kate Spade at Bed Bath and Beyond- The comforter alone was $150.00. YEAH. Definitely a no-go.  So I think this lamp is going into the kids room. (I've realized the color GREEN has infiltrated every room in my house!)

One of the reasons I love  {or hate right now, because of the piggy bank incident} HomeGoods so much is that they are always changing out merchandise, so you are almost guaranteed that no one else is going to have the same stuff as you do... I love originality, so this works for me.... until someone I know has something I love and it's no longer available, of course.

Side tracked, again. Sorry. LAMPS. I found one and the lamp shade is the perfect shade of green to match the duvet cover. $30 for the lamp. That is PRETTY dang good.

So for the first time ever, my bedroom is off to becoming a matched and coordinated room that I ENJOY looking at and being in. FOR $40.00. Seriously.... That's how rock star aweSosome HomeGoods is.

In fact, I went back tonight after the kids were in bed and bought a second duvet cover, just to have the extra fabric and make matching pillow cases, or a bed skirt or something. FOR $10, you can't get that much fabric. I will find a use for it! It makes me happy to walk in my room and see something bright and cheery instead of the old dull comforter. YAY.

So GO. to HomeGoods. NOW! Please use caution as it's highly addictive to decorate your house for cheap and recognize needs and wants.

Ok. I'm over my rant. Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. I LOVE HomeGoods!! I like to think of it as a boutique b/c you really can get some AWESOME one of a kind items! At GREAT prices! I'm addicted to all of those stores..Ross,TJMaxx,Marshalls...heaven on earth!:)