Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Bonanza!

It seems like everyone I know is having babies! So I've been busy! In fact I haven't even gotten Callen's stuff done... So I've been working on that too. Here are some of things I've gotten done. Some I can't post pictures of because they haven't made it to their recipients yet.

Onesies for Callen. I got the idea off of Etsy. I regularly peruse Etsy for ideas I can steal. No use paying for it when you can do it yourself, right! They are pretty straight forward and easy to do...

 My first attempt at the pillowcase dress. I'm pretty happy with how it came out! These are pretty simple to do too. I am ALL about simplicity. I just don't have the patience for all that complicated stuff. It's for the birds.

I like to collect fabric. It's a problem. I collect it thinking "that will make something really cute" but I'm non-committal when it comes to using it, because I'm afraid I'll come up with something better to use it for eventually and then won't be able to find the fabric again. Pathetic, I know. So I actually bought this fabric to make an apron {about 2 years ago, no joke}. Then I found a super cute apron I had to have at Marshalls. So this fabric has been sitting neglected and brokenhearted, I felt awful for crushing it so badly and decided to suck it up and put it to good use!

So, because it was so easy, and because I had this fabric remnant laying around {that I love but couldn't decide how to use} I threw together this dress for Bailey. I think I might go back and add a ruffle to the bottom. Still debating... or just make another one! When I got done she said "It's so pretty! But I need some ruffles on it." or something along those lines. So this dress cost me about $2. Not kidding. HOLLER!

I'm going to make a bunch of these cute things and send them to Africa. See my other post on it here.


  1. Love all of them. My mom collects fabric too :), and personally, I'm EXACTLY the same way about scrapbook paper. It's pathetic. If I didn't get hives about sewing clothes, I'm sure I'd bs the same way about fabric too! Duper cute!!

  2. sooooooo, that dress is for Paisley, riiiight??? :) :) :) SO CUTE! P.S. They still have that fabric at Hobby Lobby, so you can make as many adorable dresses as you want (PAISLEY!!!) AND I have the ribbon to match! So I could make a cute bow! (PAISLEY!!!) Love you!!! xoxox


  3. Barbs. Look for one coming your way soon. I know Hobby Lobby still has it, that's why I love them, they rarely change it out :) I still have a good bit of it anyway.

    Lori, I did the same thing with scrapbook stuff and haven't done a page in 2 years... sad, I know!