Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hippie Mac n' Cheese

Ok. Not so much "hippie" mac n' cheese as veggie mac n' cheese. I like to add nutrition where I can even if I have to be sneaky. I've always been one who cared more about taste than health, but these days that's changing. Luckily this dish has both! 

So this Hippie Mac has: 

2-3 TBSP Flax Meal- because it's loaded with fiber, lignans and Omega 3. {Flax also has a ton of cancer fighting properties} 

1/2 C. Sweet Potato puree

1-2 C. steamed and coarsely chopped broccoli.

Whole wheat pasta. {Don't use cost as an excuse, it was Walmart brand and less than $1 a box... it's worth the extra health benefits and tastes the same!}

You can make your favorite recipe Mac n' Cheese and just add this stuff right on in after you pour the cheese sauce in. You can also add more or less based on your taste. Sometimes I use butternut squash puree instead of sweet potato. 

Make it your own! It's a quick tasty veggie dinner. Sometimes I cook a chicken breast and coarsely chop it and stick it in there too. It can be Mystery Mac! Voila.

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