Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Betty.

The sewing machine I'm accustomed to using is my Gramma's. It's a beautiful piece of machinery. Digital, easy to use... you just push a button and attach the presser foot you want to use. I heart it. 

Meet Betty. 

She is MY sewing machine. My mom, well meaning as she is, got this beauty for me last year for a lovely low price, so I could start learning and doing things at home. I JUST brought Betty home last night. No, I'm not kidding.  Let me explain. 

I have a mental block against poor, old Betty. Do you see all those knobs? I have to turn them manually and try to figure out which seam it does and the correct length, width, and tension; and where on the knob it is, as well as what the heck all the numbers mean. This seriously overwhelms me, mentally.  So I just don't bother with it because it's not worth stressing out over.  

Well, last night I decided to giver her a go. {OH, did I mention she didn't come with a user manual.... YEAH.} 

So, I borrowed some thread from my Gramma, because I didn't have the color I needed for the project I needed to work on. I called my mom to find out how the heck this ancient beast threads a bobbin. After 30 minutes on the phone with her- VOILA! It worked. 

GUESS who forgot to lock the bobbin in so that it threads taut and not loosely. 

Of course! It was yours truly. A few profane words entered my thoughts. You see, the thread I borrowed from my Gramma, is Gutermann thread. Approximately $8.41 a spool. Approximately. 

Since I'm poor and cheap I decided it would be easier to just use my hands and wind about 100 yards of thread back on the the spool. Luckily about half way through the bobbin thread was taut, so it wasn't a complete waste. So I take it back to the playroom and call it a night. 

The spool and the bobbin roll off the table. QUALITY.  Not too much came off though. So then I decided to thread the machine {or attempt to, since I have no instruction manual} and test her out. It was a no-go. I tried several different ways and it just was. not. working. 

I went to bed and passed out for an hour until Callen woke up. Double Quality. 

The End. Ish.

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