Sunday, July 10, 2011

Naptime Craftiness

So, I was determined to spend some quality time with Bailey last week. I went through some of my craft crap to see what kind of project I could come up with and I found a wooden picture frame that I got on clearance for $1 or $2 at Walmart, ohhh, maybe 2-3 years ago. Busted out some old acrylic paint, and let her go to town. It was really good for her and helped her stay focus. I just had to relinquish my control freakyness {Yes, that's a real word. Check the dictionary. Okay, I lied... don't check the dictionary.}

She started painting the base white and then blended every other color together to get this lovely poop brown. The only thing I did was help her rinse the brush to switch colors, and I held the stencils down so she could paint these colors.

The recipient of this picture frame changed a few times, then she was set on giving it to Papa Nettles. As soon as Jeffrey walked in the door, I guess she changed her mind, because it became is property. The girl loves her daddy, what can I say?

Anyway, it was good for both of us. I just need to keep it up. It was SO nice, not to have the stupid TV on day.

Hobby Lobby had a couple of kiddy crafts clearanced so this week when it's raining... we will be prepared!

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  1. FUN! YOu are such a good mom, and I LOVE your blog!

    p.s. was Paisley mentioned as a recipient of that beautiful creation? :) :) :)