Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OH! Shenanigans!

This section of the blog is dedicated to the maddening, hilarious, stupid, crazy, awe inspiring things my OH, so curious children do on a regular basis. I have been debating on adding it for a while and after the past hour, I couldn't put it off anymore. I can't find my camera cord {big surprise} right now, but when I do I will post pictures of the main events.

So far today {mainly in the past hour} we've experienced:

Trevor painting yogurt on the ottoman with a spoon. {luckily it's already filthy and I was going to make a new pad anyway}

Bailey get my picture frames off of the console table right after I already took them away from her and decided to dance {barefoot in nothing but panties} on it. GUESS WHAT!? It cracked. Big shocker.

Trevor climbing and sitting ON the console table.

Trevor trying to eat the air freshener. French vanilla didn't taste nearly as good as it smelled. After I take it away, Trevor trying to stick his finger in the light socket.

Trevor getting the remaining picture frame off of the console table and trying to jump on it. {at least we know he can follow instructions}

Trevor {noticing the trend here?} taking the cap off of my camera lens and sticking his grubby {literally} hands on it.

Trevor trying to climb the bookshelf in the play room.

Trevor getting the tissue box and pretending to blow his nose when I turn around and then ripping them all out and blowing his nose on each one.

Trevor biting the baby on the head in lieu of the supposed kiss.

Trevor dumping a cup of water from the fridge on the rug.

Trevor breaking the nasty but sterile plunger.

What is this the freaking circus?! I admit fully that some of these are my fault. I should have moved the picture frames out of reach the first time and the camera is usually buckled and out of reach. Trev has been practicing his buckling and unbuckling skills- he's gotten good.

An hour in the life... welcome.


  1. At least they aren't playing in their poop!

  2. I LOVE the shenanigans! Well, not the ACT of the shenanigans, just the tab, and the giggles it brings me reading about your shenanigans and the comfort that I'm not the only one :) I LIKE the word shenanigans. A lot.


    I love your blog, my friend. You have a talent for writing and I'm so glad you're using it, because it makes me happy! Your photos are ridiculous, too. Will you teach me how to take such nice photos?? Seriously...that mac 'n cheese in another post could be in a foodie mag. Ser.Not sure about the diapers and stuff in the toilet, but maybe if I were to write a magazine. I would publish that photo fo sho. Love you :)