Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bailey's First Day at Pre-K

 Here is 'Little Miss Thang' in all her glory, sporting the outfit she chose and her backpack and lunch bag that are as big as she is. She as per usual is hamming it up for the camera. 

My sweet girl, super duper, uber excited for her first day of school!

Walking to class. I have to get all of them out and haul them all into the building right up to the classroom. Oh, joy. Trevor wanted to stay and play. He LOVED the fish tank in the hall way. 

She walked in, pretty much threw her back back and lunch bag into a cubby, and went around the room like a crack head in a frenzy! She was talking to all the kids, and before she finished would move on to the different stations, taking it all in... in a split second, apparently.

This is her literally jumping for joy when she heard Mrs. Melva tell the other kids it was time for lunch. Except, Bailey is in 9am -12pm VPK.

This is when she found out that it means, she doesn't stay for lunch {This poor kid was shaking her, not sure why she was crying... it was funny}. She through a huge tantrum and was utterly DEVASTATED. I'm not kidding you, she ran down the hall from me, into the cafeteria and sat down in a chair and continued to bawl hysterically. So sad. Then she cried some more {and by cry I mean wailed, because that's how she rolls} while I handed in some paperwork. Then cried on the way to the car... in the car... and all the way home... 

{don't worry, we were stopped at a stop light when this was taken}

... and into the house... until I threatened her life and told her she couldn't go back tomorrow if she didn't stop. Then she sat down at the table to eat, and decided "I'm going to go way down." So she went and laid in her bed and passed out.

Side note: The reason everyone else got to go to lunch is because the VPK teacher broke her arm and will be out for 3 weeks. Soo, since there are only 3-4 kids in VPK right now {they just got their license} they put them in Mrs. Melva's class. The rest of the kids stay until 2 p.m.. So in a few weeks, this shouldn't be a problem anymore. {cross your fingers and say a little prayer, PLEASE}.


  1. Awesome! I sure do miss you guys and I love Bailey, adorable!

  2. poor baby...hopefully she understood what I told her last night about it. We'll see today i suppose