Sunday, August 7, 2011

One of my Fav-or-ite things!

Why I love my camera: When trying to take pictures of kids... I used to HATE!!!! that by the time the digital camera would process and then take the picture, that moment was loooooong gone. With my new camera there is a beautiful option called "Continuous Shooting".

I heart this option. It takes more frames per second so that you can catch those little moments.  See below for a demonstration.

See how awesome?! These were all taken within a few seconds. So when they both happen to look at the camera at the same time, I can catch it! {most of the time, anyway} 

See the personality? Bailey is going through a phase where she likes to ham it up to the camera. I'm completely okay with this. It allowed me to get these gems... 

 Sorry, I couldn't resist my sweet boy...even though he isn't a fan of the camera these days. 
 She looks like an old lady here... the sweater, the hair... the dark circles under the eyes...

 Sweet girl.

 Yeah. he was not having it....little turd.

She was dun. D-U-N. DUN.


  1. Holy freaking beautiful children. Oh my word. Pink shirt + green tie = awesome. Bailey is so darn big and gorgeous I can't hardly stand it. Can I hire you to blog for me?