Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mrs. Clean

That's what you can call me. I have what others might think is a little more than slight, case of Germophobia. My husband thinks it's severe, but I'm no Howie Mandel.

So let me just explain. Germs are filthy, grody, nasty things. ESPECIALLY when you don't know whose or what kinds of germs they are, and ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY when you have babies crawling all over the floors and eating {GROSS!} off of the floor and getting the toilet bowl brush and putting it in a toilet full of urine and fecal matter and then scrubbing the floor {no names, TREVOR}. At least he's trying to clean... just slightly misguided.

I'm getting off topic. My point is, we are now unproud renters living in other people's filth... and I mean FILTH. Like- we can't get the place clean- filth.

After the toilet bowl brush incident the other day, I wiped them down with Clorox wipes, but the floors still needed bleached anyway and I've been meaning to clean the grout in the kids bathroom because it's DISGUSTING. See below.

See. Told ya! That grout is supposed to be WHITE. No, I'm not kidding. It's been on my to do list for a couple of months, but I spent A WEEK cleaning this house just to get it decent {while 8 months pregnant}. Oh, and by me, I mean: me, my mother-in-law, and my gramma. Not to mention we had to paint the walls with kilz to get the horrible smell of cat-dog-etc. out and because the walls were SO filthy and dirty you could SEE the stains, and we couldn't scrub them, it'd take too long. NOT my cup of tea. 

I just CAN NOT, for the life of me, fathom how people can live in such filth. EW EW EW EW EW. I apologize if you are one of those people. I promise I don't think less of you. Well, maybe just a little, but hey... I won't know unless you tell me! I really can't help it... things may not always be NEAT at my house but they are nearly always CLEAN. 

Anyhow, I spent some time with my good friend Tilex Mold & Mildew and my other good friend Toothbrush this afternoon and got that floor looking like this!

 Heck yes! It's still not to my standards, but MOST definitely doable and an improvement. 

My eyes are STILL burning, but hey... talk about a days accomplishment! AND dinner is already in the oven... and I'm not talking frozen pizza, people. 

So I'm going to eat my dinna', take a nice hot shower in my bathroom which now smells bleachy clean as well {I LOVE the smell of bleach, don't hate} and snuggle up with my man and watch a movie {he doesn't know that I'm going to corner him into watching a chick-flick yet!} Oh, and eat a big freakin' bowl of ice cream, 'cause well, I deserve it after working out every day for almost a week! 

YAY FOR THURSDAYS! {or really, just this one} 

The end. 


  1. This is awesome! You go girl...with yo' toothbrush and tilex!

  2. nice... didn't know tilex and you were capable of that!