Monday, August 1, 2011

Oohh, Martha!

Monday night, I christened my Martha Stuart Cookies cook book. We started with "Surprise Cookies". They are chocolate cookies with marshmallows on top covered in a ganache-like frosting.

Take a close look at how fantastic they look in the book. 

The kids enjoyed snatching marshmallows... This was Trevor's third attempt, after securing two already. The little stinker... 

Anyway, back to how delectable they look in the book. {get ready, there is a rant coming}

So. Dear, dear, Martha.... don't get me wrong I think she is brilliant. Huge fan of her work. However, I'm not a fan of her snotty, rude, condescending, and narcissistic traits... you see...

There is just NO way to possibly make these cookies look as good as they do in the book. I followed that recipe  TO THE "T" and they were just ugly. The icing was runnier than it should have been and my marshmallows  never started to melt... and definitely didn't do it in 2 minutes like the recipe said they would. My theory, is that she does it so that no one can have cookies {or anything, for that matter} as delectable as hers. I mean seriously, there is NO way her frosting could have been thick enough to make it look like that. While those cookies look great and all, I'd like to see pictures of the things made by a NORMAL person so I know how they will REALLY look and don't get my hopes up that I could possibly create such pretty cookies. I get that they have to be pretty o people will want to make them and blah blah... but it doesn't really matter, because at that point we already own the book!

In fact Martha isn't the only culprit here. I have a cookbook Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld in which one of her macaroni dishes is pictured with pretty corkscrew pasta {hello, I want to use the fun pretty stuff!} but the recipe calls for elbow macaroni. The kicker is you totally have to guess when you substitute the corkscrew for the elbow because it's bigger pasta and changes the amount sauce that will cover it.... I'm not good at guessing with recipes most of the time. I end up screwing it up.
These are the best looking ones. They look terrible compared to what they are supposed to. The good news is that they tasted pretty good. That chocolatey, ganache-like icing was pretty awesome. 

In the interest of full disclosure and honesty here is what they looked like before I arranged them hiding the worst sides of them. 

Okay, I could go on. I won't torture you though. I'm pretty sure this is my new pet peeve though.

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  1. Martha doesn't even make that crap. Scratch that, she couldn't make that crap. She has people that do it and then she slaps her name on it and makes money. She herself is not that crafty...shes a sneaky business woman that tries to be a crafter/baker/seamstress/decorator. In reality she comes up with none of the things that are labeled with her name... So don't feel bad. I have issues with Martha, could you tell? And when they stage food to photograph it they freeze/underbake/overbake or whatever they have to do to make it look pretty. So, really, I think ya did pretty good.