Saturday, August 27, 2011

Other Baby Projects

Now that all gifts have been received... here are some of the other things I have been working on.

This is for sweet baby Callie. Even though I'm lazy and she didn't get it until after she was born, like 2 weeks after... Sorry Casey! Making this and the onesie below made me want a baby girl again... all the bows and ruffles are just so much fun! 

This shirt is for... you guessed it! Payson! He's 5... wait, maybe 6. I've lost track. He is of the Keown Clan.  I liked the way this turned out so much that I'm making Trevor one.  

They have the cutest dadgum kids, aside from my own, of course. The blackish colored pillowcase dress is a previous post was for baby Evie {even though she is almost 2} his little sister.

This isn't for a baby. It's a tunic for my might-as-well-be niece Zoe. She is 12! and I CAN NOT believe it. She is growing into a beautiful, sweet and smart young woman. Zoe is also of the Keown Clan.

I LOVED this fabric... I almost kept for myself... but I wouldn't fit into it, cause she's TINY, and well, I'm... not, even close.

So I just got my new sewing machine... say farewell to old and busted betty... and hello to the unnamed new girl on the block. So look for more to come!

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  1. We love love love the cute gifts you made Callie. For the letters, did you use a cricut or something? And since Betty retired, I'm thinking Charlie is a good name for the new girl in town.