Monday, September 5, 2011

Behind closed doors.

We have been busy,busy bees for the past couple of weeks, so there haven't been TOO many shenanigans. Before we got busy though, there were a couple of good ones.

For some reason my son is obsessed with my make up. It's because I'm so flipping awesome that he wants to be JUST like me. He also adores the toilet. He does NOT get that from his germophobic mother, I assure you.  Sooo when it gets quiet in the house and I remember that I have a son, that is not within close proximity to me, I think CRAP. I immediately check MY bathroom, because now that he's found my make up it's way cooler than their bathroom. and this is what I will find EVRY time. Because my kids have a thing for closed doors.

Why, yes. That is a filthy door. It's because they all look like that and I haven't gotten around to busting out the Magic Eraser and Greased Lightning, yet. The joys of renting. That and Trev made that door his canvas one day, and his medium was purple crayon. So I didn't want to ruin his masterpiece.

This is the real jewel... Cream blush {which I've never used} 

Yes, he dipped my powder foundation brush in and had at it. AWESOME. I'm REALLY glad I had a spare brush. {Ignore the lens cap... I  had no where else to put it}.

I had JUST mopped the floors for the first time in a month or so... yes, it's gross I know, but whatever, I have a baby, and I spot clean the floor regularly... it has to balance out, right?

We were having Family home evening over here with my Mom and Gramma and we were making pizzas for dinner and the kids wanted to help... it had been THAT kind of day {the kind where you say to hell with it and just let them be kids} so they were helping.... Trev decided it'd be helpful to take a scoop of flour and dump it ON the pizza.... oh, yes.

See how much flour is all over them? Can you imagine what my floors looked like? I died a little inside. 

Trev's handy work. 

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