Friday, September 30, 2011

Soooo, I've been M-I-A lately, and not the teen mom singer/talker/rapper person, well I guess the mom part... I keep writing drafts of blogs, but never get around to finishing them. Partly because I start 10 projects, and then don't have time to finish them.

I thought once Bailey started school I would have a little more free time.

Eeeehhhhhrrrrrr. Wrong.

I do have more time... to fill with cleaning, or the endless abyss of laundry that is my house, or mowing the lawn while simultaneously dropping the video monitor into the kiddie pool {what a multi-tasker I am!}. Luckily, it FINALLY turned back on a few minutes ago, because Jesus loves me... we're tight. Or, helping Bailey with her Pre-K homework. Or being a Councilor in the Primary Presidency. Or taking Trevor to feeding therapy, or doctors visits for Bailey to get her therapy referral. Or endless evaluations so we can get her IEP.... SO much has been happening, I think my brain has decreased in capacity by half.  So maybe things will calm down some soon and I'll tell you all about it.

So here is one of the projects I have been working on.

I have been practicing them a lot lately... The sad thing is that, these here, for my kids, look a little rough... because I got lazy and tired and I'm kind of sick of these now. They were meant to be pool towels or something. 'Cause you KNOW I'm too anal for them to not match my bathroom... but guess what... there are no clean towels right now {that's what happens when your kids treat the bathtub like the pool}. SO, they are going to be bath towels. Then I got the brilliant idea, to do wash clothes with their initials because I can never keep whose is whose straight, and the germaphobe in me just can't handle that, it's gross.

 I will do a tute soonish so you can make some cuteness too!

And with that, I bid Adieu.


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