Monday, September 5, 2011

Storage Ottoman!

Saturday and today my, {and by my I mean Jeffrey's} project is to create a storage ottoman, to hide crap in.  Woo Hoo! This has been on my list of projects for about 4 years now. HOLLER!

It started like this.

But it won't be finished until later this week, BECAUSE JoAnn's is super duper lame and can't cut the foam for the top the way I need it, SO I'm going to have to go to an upholstery store and have it cut to size... Which is going to cost a small fortune. Let's just ignore the fact that I probably could have bought one for the price we will have paid when we're done. Though, it wouldn't be nearly as cute, and definitely not as big. 

Here is the fabric though. 

It matches nothing else in my house. But that's going to change. Gradually, because we're poor. But eventually, by the time I'm ready to change it all again, the whole place will go together. I'm not in love with the stripes {which will be on the bottom} but I thought it would be too busy having the whole 3x3 ottoman in the top fabric, I'm now second guessing that decision. It's too late, I already paid a ridiculous amount of money for it... but it was 60% off.... so I was frugal. 

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