Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blurbs about Buttercream Frosting.

It finally happened. I had the "AHA!" moment that most of you probably had  years ago. 

I've always wondered how and tried to get my buttercream frosting to be as light and airy as Publix. Well today I figured out how. 

It's simple. 

Cream comes from butter. 

Butter begets cream. 


The end. 

{P.S. Tonight I over whipped it and it was a little too airy for my taste. The flavor was good, but I like to feel the icing when I bite into a cupcake. I never realized that until tonight... the things you learn... } 

{P.P.S I usually "cream the butter" but it wasn't really creaming it... I would do it for a few seconds on a lower speed to get the lumps out and then start adding sugar and it was too dense and buttery. You have to knock up the speed to medium/high and whip that junk with a whisk attachment for a few minutes... to your desired fluffiness.} 

The end, End. 


  1. So you made the cupcakes! Hopefully your craving was met.

  2. I just made cupcakes for Leah's party on Saturday and just realized all of this for the first time then as well. And I realized it on accident when I walked away from the Kitchenaid with it turned on. A lucky "mistake" on my part :)