Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our New Addition...

Bailey came home from a camping trip with my mom and stepdad Sunday night. MAN! Did I miss that girl!!

My moms starts with "I'm sorry."

Me: " For What?" {Other than being later than expected... gotta love accident traffic}

Mom: You have a new addition to your family... {she holds up a cabbage patch doll}... And.... {she holds up a goldfish in a bag}.  "She won it. I never thought she'd win or I wouldn't have let her play." "I don't think he will make it through the night, he hasn't had any food."

Me: "Grrrrreat. Thanks, a lot." .....  It's not your fault...who knew she'd actually win!?"

Bailey : "Mommy, DO NOT cook my fish. And DO NOT eat it. Don't fwush him down the toiwet either."

Me: "Oh, honey... he's too small... I won't I promise. He wouldn't fill anyone up anyway."

World, meet Flower. Flower, meet the world. {Yes, that's right. Flower.}

So I find the nearest vase that is goldfish sized and we get some water in it and plop him in. Then I start feeling SUPER bad. My sweet, ridiculously uncoordinated girl WON a FISH! Her first pet!

I put her to bed and decided that I'm going to Walmart. Yes, on a Sunday. {Typically, we try not to go anywhere on Sundays. We like to keep it as a holy day that we can worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Plus, it's one of the 10 commandments... so you know it's important.}

Flower was not going to starve to death on my watch... and my sweet girl was not losing her first pet because it starves to death. Besides, I think Heavenly Father is down with me saving one of his creatures, right?

So Flower made it through the night. Thanks to the nice girl getting turtle food, in the fish section at Walmart... who informed me about the need for a filter, food, and water conditioner.

This morning Flower was doing well.

I was getting the kids ready to take Bails to school. T-Man wanted some lotion.. I put some on his hands. Started changing the baby, walk into the kitchen and Trevor had pushed a chair to the counter and had his lotiony hands in the fishbowl... or fishvase. I knew right there that poor Flower was a goner. When you change the water you have to add a little of the old stuff, but the lotion was in there sooooo.... yeah. Thirty minutes later we got home and he was dead, dead, dead.

She just lost her papa, she's not losing her fish, so I told Jeff-fa-fa I was going to buy a replacement.

Then he tells me that when she went in there to say goodnight to him she said "Daddy, I don't want my fish to die. I just lost my papa.... but it's okay, because he's in Heaven now, and he feels better." 

"Seriously, that's not funny, Jeffrey." 

"No, she really did say that to me."


Awesome.  I've been avoiding this day like the plague. Who needs a pet when I have three kids? And it turns out, that Goldfish are actually kind of high maintenance... they are dirty fish so you have to change their water more often. You need 2 gallons per INCH of fish. Did you know that they get up to 12 inches in length! WHO KNEW?! And those aquariums.... UGLY. I don't do ugly. But anything for my little girl, right? RIGHT?


So, we went to Petsmart this morning and bought a replacement fish. Twenty-nine cents for my daughters unbroken heart? YES, PLEASE.

So meet, Flower #2. This is only a temporary fix, until we figure out if this fish is going to survive.

Pretty sweet set up if you ask me. Luckiest goldfish EVER. Well, luckier than Flower #1 anyway...

That is all. Goodnight and wish us good luck.


  1. Best post I've ever seen! and think of it this way... at least Flower didn't commit suicide like on of my goldfish, he jump out of the tank... I found him the next morning. :)