Saturday, October 1, 2011

Towel Tute... hee hee

Ok. SO. You're going to laugh at me when I tell you how simple it is to make these. Try to contain yourself.

First, your going to need these things:

-seam ripper
-coordinating thread/bobbin {I do my bobbin thread to match the towel and the thread what matches the fabric}
-towel/washcloth/ t-shirt/ onesie or whatever you want
-fabric... it doesn't take much, at all
-heat n' bond... which works alright, but I prefer Pellon brand
-a pencil
-fabric scissors & paper scissors {if you have a tiny pair of scissors those will be helpful also}
-a computer and printer

{P.S. That is pronounced SKISSORS. Say it right.}

If I have forgotten anything, I'm sure it will be mentioned below.

First again, get on la computadora {that's computer} and open up the word processor.

Create a text box and make it bigger. Pick a font- blocky-straight fonts work best {ie: Impact, Arial Black, American Typewriter- if your daring, etc.}

 Make the font bold and type your first letter in there. Then go to font format and hit outline and jack up the font size to oooh, like 375ish.

Yes, you heard me. Do it!
You can make it bigger or smaller based on your needs. Keep in mind, the bigger it is the easier it is to sew it {aaannnnddd I am going to leave out the perverted joke that came to my head}.

Then you want to make it a mirror image. So you click on the text box and select "flip horizontally".

Once you have the format down and where you want it- copy and past the text box and just change the following letters for the rest of the name. It will also make your life a lot easier if you make sure the the text boxes DO NOT create a wrap and are floating... not inline.

Then print it. Like, so.

Here comes the tedium. Are you ready?

Then you bust out your pencil and your Heat 'N Bond. Put the Heat N Bond PAPER SIDE UP and Trace the letters out {preferably in a straight line}. Then cut the name out {fairly close to the letters so you don't waste fabric with empty transfer paper}. 

Get your cute fabric out and iron it to get the creases and wrinkles out. 

Then put it right side down. With your transfer paper, your going to put the paper side up, again. Iron the name onto the WRONG SIDE of the fabric. {I do about 10 seconds per letter and then go back over it}.

Then, when it's cool enough to not burn your fingers like an amateur, take your fabric SKISSORS and cut the letters out {keep the paper on them}. 

The little scissors come in handy for the small parts inside the letters. 

Once they are all cut out, Peel the paper off and arrange them on your towel, or wash cloth, or whatever. 

Then iron it on after you have them where you want them. 

{I'm sorry this is fuzzy, I finally figured out how to get the stupid autofocus to focus on what I want it to.... TURN IT OFF and use MANUAL FOCUS... big shocker, I know.}

Then turn on your handy dandy sewing machine.


 I use a zig zag to keep the edges from fraying and because it's a little more forgiving. You can do whatever stitch you want. I increase the length and width based upon my needs. 
and VOILA! 

You're done. 

Done, done, done. 

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