Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today was an interesting one. It's Tuesday. Tuesday, is therapy day.

The BANE of my existence. For OH, so many reasons. But mostly, because I have to go all the way over there TWICE and I have to take the boys to Bailey's therapy which means I get to wrangle them in the waiting room instead of being in there learning how to help her at home, etc. A babysitter, you say? Why, YES. Thank you... are you going to pay for it too? SWEET!

Today actually, wasn't so bad... other than missing out on her therapy.

Anyhow... on with the show!

 This morning I was awakened by a super whiney and irritable, Trevor AND Bailey.

Tantrums ensued.

Then while I'm getting the kids stuff together for our all day car ride, all over town... I walked by the kitchen and saw THIS...

Exhibit A: 

No chair or anything to help him up there.

He was after these. We call them Baby Crack... like the drug. He LOVES these things. In fact, he ate them for breakfast... because it was that kind of morning and he didn't want anything else. 

 So, of course, I'm curious as to how he managed to get up there... so a few minutes later he goes back to the kitchen and tries again, this time I'm ready. This is how he did it...


Except his plan was thwarted when his arm got caught... 

Serves him right... but it won't deter him... anymore than a hangover deters a  someone from getting drunk off of their a-double-s. {and yes, my kitchen is GROSS. I haven't been home to clean it... I'm accepting volunteers, any takers?}

By this point, Callen is exhausted and ready to pass out... but I wanted him to sleep through Trevor's Feeding therapy, so I was keeping him up. Except, when I walked in the living room he was waning...


Exhibit B: 

T- Rev also recently figured out how to break of the entire right side of styrofoam from his car seat. Now, THAT is safety awareness. This is an ex post facto picture. He usually enjoys playing with it while we are driving, as in, he takes it off while buckled in the seat...even better, I know.

Today while said shenanigan was going on... he figured out that he could turn the light on and off with it. Why must he be so smart?

Then, I decided, while Callen was passed-the-freak-out in his car seat I would clean out the car. Because, it too, is DISGUSTING. You couldn't even see the floor, no lie. It looks like we live in it. So while I take the initial load in and unlock the front door I come back to see Bailey scurrying back to the back {after taking as many swigs as she could off of my Coke {the drink} } and Trevor, unaware that I'm right there watching him, is swiggin' away as well. YUCK. I guess it didn't matter in the long run because as I'm collecting the next load of crap to take in I see this Gem.

Exhibit C:

{That floating white dot, is the portion of the cup that the straw poked out} 

Yes, it's filthy. I know. Hence the cleaning I was doing. So, as I learned a while ago when I had nothing but a diaper to clean up a spilled Dr. Pepper, I grabbed the nearest diaper {it took exactly 2 diapers to get it out} and soaked it up. 

Exhibit D:

When we got home, Bailey went into the play room {which is also a hot mess, especially after she dumped all the stuffed animals everywhere} and started explaining how to measure, cut, and stitch "velcro". I don't know where she got that from but her methods of sewing where fairly accurate. So I busted out the camera... of course. Then she started telling us how to knit.  The lighting is AWFUL and I apologize, it was raining and there was no daylight to help a hooka out. 

Well, it looks like blogger is having some technical difficulties... sooo... That will have to wait for another day. Lo siento mis amigos. 


  1. Kylee, who needs to go looking for trouble? It's an adventure every day.

  2. If their therapy isn't during my piano lessons on Tuesday, I would be happy to babysit - for free.

  3. You don't have anyone to trade babysitting with? You have such inventive kids!