Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snowflakes in Florida!

Since these are about the only type we will ever see here... I figured we'd put some up for Christmas. I'm super anal about my tree, and I don't let the kids help me... or anyone really. I do give them a little tree to decorate. So we do Christmas crafts instead.

 I bought these a few years ago at The Dollar Tree. I got a lot more than I needed. Anyhow, I came across them the other day when I busted out my Christmas tub. Today, I decided that we were going to pretty them up. So, we took some Elmer's glue and I outlined them and then Bailey made a sparkly, shimmerific mess  dollin' 'em up.

So go make some snowflakes... and don't forget the glitter, it's the best part!


  1. Oh the glitter. I didn't think of that...perfect for making kids be quiet for half an hour while I look at all the wonderful blogs in blogland. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Oh, it was SUCH a mess. But Bailey was SO thrilled, because well, IT'S GLITTER! Another thing I've had a lot of success with is homemade play dough. It takes MAYBE 10 minutes all together... is a great quality time activity, and then they play with it on their own for 30-45 minutes- EASY. In fact, we need to do another batch, immediately!