Friday, December 30, 2011

The BEST Compliment

So, after a long, long morning of Trevor screaming for 2 hours, I finally made him go to sleep {more on that later} and got the baby, who's also miserable, to sleep {ANNNND Trevor just walked out, awesome.} Anyhow, so I got them both down, and {now Callen is crying and hacking up a lung, AWESOM-ER} Bailey and I jumped in the shower really quickly.

So we're in the shower and we have the following conversation:

 "Mommy, why's your belly fat?"

{luckily, I could say...} "Because there's a baby in my belly."

"What are these?" {points to the MANY nasty stretch marks all over said tummy}

"That is where new skin grew so my belly could grow and get bigger when I had you, Trevor and Callen. They are called stretch marks. They are pretty ugly, huh."

....wait for it.... because this response just melted me.

"I think they're reawwy pretty."

BEST compliment, ever.

Probably because they are purple and she's OBSSESSED with it right now, but I'll take what I can get!

Love that sweet, spunky girl.

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  1. Man, that is pretty awesome. Sorry your kids are not well.