Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pity Party For One Please {well, two, really}

Wow. You'd think I'd be used to exhaustion. I did a pretty good job of powering through it today and being productive anyway. Once 8:00 p.m. comes... I feel like I fading into a dark and dismal oblivion of bad sleep. Here I am, dishes and dinner done, kids in bed, and off I go pounding away on Charlie {Charlie's the new sewing machine} trying to make some progress on Trevor's stocking... I chose a pinwheel pattern for his... FYI... they are hard, and suck a mega mega big one. HOWEVER, I have managed to trim them down to nothingness so that they are squared decently. Anyway, this caused me to have to remeasure and fit the rest, and since I'm tired and lazy and just decided to wing it.... I've spent A LOT of time with Mr. Seam Ripper tonight. A mental break? Sure! Why not.




Now I'm sitting on this ridiculously comfy couch sinking into it, and I might not be able to get up {like last night when I passed out on it at the end of NCIS L.A..

The thing is, There is oh, ya know, like ten or twenty pounds of ground beef sitting in my sink that needs to be portioned and frozen.

The physical side of me doesn't get a say, because I'll sink into that dark oblivion we already covered, the mental side of me says:
" uuugggghhh... it's only 8:45... but wait? Really? It feels like 10 or 11? HOW am I going to last long enough to put that junk away........ JEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFRRRRRREEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY."


P.S. How about he won me Kelly Clarkson tickets on the radio today... He kind of rocks my socks... {obviously, hence the pity party for TWO= fetus in my gut}.

The end, fo real.


  1. Kylee you always amaze me with how much you've got that go-go gene like my mom that I SO DID NOT inherit. Exhaustion with a new pregnancy (Congrats!) is bound to take over sometimes and a good yell out to the hubby for help is A-OK! :) Although since I had a rough day as well...I think there might have been something in the air...I had to get Scott to drive me and the kids to church tonight...felt like 10pm at 6:30pm....thankfully my second wind finally just hit so I can get some work done~!

  2. Kylee, I never tire of your writing. And I'm sorry you're tired. And I totally get it!

  3. You had me laughing at rocks my socks because I had already gone there in my head before I read the next part about obviously because I'm prego. LOL. Question - where do you buy your meat in bulk? I know, out of that whole post that's what I'm wondering. I've given up on having energy and determination like you so I'm just questioning your meat saving skills. :)