Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Bonanza!

It seems like everyone I know is having babies! So I've been busy! In fact I haven't even gotten Callen's stuff done... So I've been working on that too. Here are some of things I've gotten done. Some I can't post pictures of because they haven't made it to their recipients yet.

Onesies for Callen. I got the idea off of Etsy. I regularly peruse Etsy for ideas I can steal. No use paying for it when you can do it yourself, right! They are pretty straight forward and easy to do...

 My first attempt at the pillowcase dress. I'm pretty happy with how it came out! These are pretty simple to do too. I am ALL about simplicity. I just don't have the patience for all that complicated stuff. It's for the birds.

I like to collect fabric. It's a problem. I collect it thinking "that will make something really cute" but I'm non-committal when it comes to using it, because I'm afraid I'll come up with something better to use it for eventually and then won't be able to find the fabric again. Pathetic, I know. So I actually bought this fabric to make an apron {about 2 years ago, no joke}. Then I found a super cute apron I had to have at Marshalls. So this fabric has been sitting neglected and brokenhearted, I felt awful for crushing it so badly and decided to suck it up and put it to good use!

So, because it was so easy, and because I had this fabric remnant laying around {that I love but couldn't decide how to use} I threw together this dress for Bailey. I think I might go back and add a ruffle to the bottom. Still debating... or just make another one! When I got done she said "It's so pretty! But I need some ruffles on it." or something along those lines. So this dress cost me about $2. Not kidding. HOLLER!

I'm going to make a bunch of these cute things and send them to Africa. See my other post on it here.

Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich!

This sandwich is OHH, so yummy!

Cook a chicken breast or two. I kept the seasonings simple with salt, garlic powder and black pepper.

While that's cooking away, slice your multi-grain ciabatta roll {from Sam's club for dirt cheap, I think it was $4 for an 8 count!}

Take out some mayo and mix in some paprika. I did about 1-2 TBSP mayo to 1/2- 1 tsp-ish of paprika... I didn't measure... I like to live on the edge... not really, but I was feeling edgy when I figured out this combo... you see, I'm a total wiener when it comes to trying new foods, especially sauces.

Anyway... spread the mayo on the sandwich.... and here is the important part. DO NOT skip out on this part.... are you ready? Can you handle it? It's going to underwhelm you until you bite into this sandwich.


Put your field greens, lettuce, spinach or whatever you want, on. Put your sliced chicken on, top it with the cheese of your choice, I used cheddar because it's what I had. Put it together and ENJOY.

...And enjoy it you will. I promise.

You can thank me later, or never.... but either way, it's my new favorite sandwich...for now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa

Have you ever heard of Pillowcase Dresses? They are adorable. You don't HAVE to use a pillowcase but it sure makes it easier. You can use fabric and ribbon as well. So, I was browsing for tutorials for these cute things and came across this website for Little Dresses for Africa. I am SO going to do this. You can too. What a fun way to make a difference in the world. It's just what I'm needing to give me that warm and fuzzy feeling I'm lacking right now. If you want to contribute you can get your dresses to me and I'll ship them up there when I have enough.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Facts

Mix basil and paprika with some mayo and slather it on your next sandwich. YUM.

At the end of the day, it's important to remind yourself of the really important things... so you can start new tomorrow and forget how badly you screwed up today.

Screaming vomiting babies and/or kids are a kill joy.

Jeffrey and I like to watch "Thecooltv" station with horrible music videos of songs from the 80's and 90's.  True story.

I think there MAY be 2-3 clean loads of laundry in my entire house.  Okay, so probably 5 or 6.

I'm having a hard time determining whether the close and meaningful relationships we have with loved ones are worth the sorrow and torment we  feel when they leave us or whether it's better to not form those relationships to save us from the pain of loss. The latter is most definitely the easiest. It sucks on one end or the other for both... but I'm struggling with it right now.

My feet have grown and I can't wear any of my favorite shoes, it's pissing me off.

The 80's were terrible for hair, fashion, and technology. There is no disputing it. {I'm watching bad videos as we speak, can you tell?}

I'm addicted to Starbucks hot chocolate. I'm pretty sure they put crack in it.

My favorite movie is Beauty and The Beast... yes, the cartoon.

That is all for now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Save it for a rainy day....

At Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago they had some kiddy crafts clearanced so I grabbed a couple for the many rainy days ahead this summer. Friday was a perfect day for that. So Bailey painted a window thingy {I don't actually know what they are called}.

This girl LOVES to paint.

Speaking of paint... See all of that paint on her hands and on the table. YEAH. I assumed it was just regular water based paint. Guess what I figured out a few days later... when Bailey STILL had paint on her arms.... YEP! It's not water based... It's still on the table too. I guess it's a good thing I'm going to refinish it! C'est Lavie. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not my brightest moment.

The other day the kids got into my flour and powdered sugar containers. They stuck their childishly, nasty hands all in them... as you could imagine. So I dumped them out {wasteful, I know... but the germs... I couldn't do it...} and put them in the sink to await {a looong wait} a trip to the dishwasher... when I emptied the dishwasher I found this gnarly little guy.

I thought that MAYBE they should probably be hand washed {like it said on the bottom...

Why, Yes! Right there! But I figured... "Eh, it'll probably be okay on the top rack."

Nope! Not, okay. So, darn! Now, I MUST make another trip to my favorite store, Home Goods! {What a shame...}

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Potty Tricks

I know it's hard to believe that this angelic face could be capable of anything other than good... but I'm here to tell you.... it's possible.

Some time this morning between pooping on the floor {though he didn't have a diaper on because we were going to get a clean one on... and he must've had to just go... even though I had just told him to let me know when he has to go and we'd go to the potty....} Anyhow...

So between pooping on the floor {I'll spare you the photo I took for future blackmail purposes} and then I sent him to the bathroom while I cleaned up the nastiness.... and when I went in there he'd peed all over the floor... {once again, not REALLY his fault.. as our stool recently broke and he couldn't get to the potty, but probably wouldn't have anyway}

I guess I was so focused on cleaning up the pee and trying to get out the door that I failed to notice this gem.

Yes, that's right. My son... with his hands transferred the entire contents of the trash can... to "the john". QUALITY.

What's better... is I just found it. So they've been sitting there ALL day. Awesomeness.

Hippie Mac n' Cheese

Ok. Not so much "hippie" mac n' cheese as veggie mac n' cheese. I like to add nutrition where I can even if I have to be sneaky. I've always been one who cared more about taste than health, but these days that's changing. Luckily this dish has both! 

So this Hippie Mac has: 

2-3 TBSP Flax Meal- because it's loaded with fiber, lignans and Omega 3. {Flax also has a ton of cancer fighting properties} 

1/2 C. Sweet Potato puree

1-2 C. steamed and coarsely chopped broccoli.

Whole wheat pasta. {Don't use cost as an excuse, it was Walmart brand and less than $1 a box... it's worth the extra health benefits and tastes the same!}

You can make your favorite recipe Mac n' Cheese and just add this stuff right on in after you pour the cheese sauce in. You can also add more or less based on your taste. Sometimes I use butternut squash puree instead of sweet potato. 

Make it your own! It's a quick tasty veggie dinner. Sometimes I cook a chicken breast and coarsely chop it and stick it in there too. It can be Mystery Mac! Voila.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OH! Shenanigans!

This section of the blog is dedicated to the maddening, hilarious, stupid, crazy, awe inspiring things my OH, so curious children do on a regular basis. I have been debating on adding it for a while and after the past hour, I couldn't put it off anymore. I can't find my camera cord {big surprise} right now, but when I do I will post pictures of the main events.

So far today {mainly in the past hour} we've experienced:

Trevor painting yogurt on the ottoman with a spoon. {luckily it's already filthy and I was going to make a new pad anyway}

Bailey get my picture frames off of the console table right after I already took them away from her and decided to dance {barefoot in nothing but panties} on it. GUESS WHAT!? It cracked. Big shocker.

Trevor climbing and sitting ON the console table.

Trevor trying to eat the air freshener. French vanilla didn't taste nearly as good as it smelled. After I take it away, Trevor trying to stick his finger in the light socket.

Trevor getting the remaining picture frame off of the console table and trying to jump on it. {at least we know he can follow instructions}

Trevor {noticing the trend here?} taking the cap off of my camera lens and sticking his grubby {literally} hands on it.

Trevor trying to climb the bookshelf in the play room.

Trevor getting the tissue box and pretending to blow his nose when I turn around and then ripping them all out and blowing his nose on each one.

Trevor biting the baby on the head in lieu of the supposed kiss.

Trevor dumping a cup of water from the fridge on the rug.

Trevor breaking the nasty but sterile plunger.

What is this the freaking circus?! I admit fully that some of these are my fault. I should have moved the picture frames out of reach the first time and the camera is usually buckled and out of reach. Trev has been practicing his buckling and unbuckling skills- he's gotten good.

An hour in the life... welcome.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Naptime Craftiness

So, I was determined to spend some quality time with Bailey last week. I went through some of my craft crap to see what kind of project I could come up with and I found a wooden picture frame that I got on clearance for $1 or $2 at Walmart, ohhh, maybe 2-3 years ago. Busted out some old acrylic paint, and let her go to town. It was really good for her and helped her stay focus. I just had to relinquish my control freakyness {Yes, that's a real word. Check the dictionary. Okay, I lied... don't check the dictionary.}

She started painting the base white and then blended every other color together to get this lovely poop brown. The only thing I did was help her rinse the brush to switch colors, and I held the stencils down so she could paint these colors.

The recipient of this picture frame changed a few times, then she was set on giving it to Papa Nettles. As soon as Jeffrey walked in the door, I guess she changed her mind, because it became is property. The girl loves her daddy, what can I say?

Anyway, it was good for both of us. I just need to keep it up. It was SO nice, not to have the stupid TV on day.

Hobby Lobby had a couple of kiddy crafts clearanced so this week when it's raining... we will be prepared!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Betty.

The sewing machine I'm accustomed to using is my Gramma's. It's a beautiful piece of machinery. Digital, easy to use... you just push a button and attach the presser foot you want to use. I heart it. 

Meet Betty. 

She is MY sewing machine. My mom, well meaning as she is, got this beauty for me last year for a lovely low price, so I could start learning and doing things at home. I JUST brought Betty home last night. No, I'm not kidding.  Let me explain. 

I have a mental block against poor, old Betty. Do you see all those knobs? I have to turn them manually and try to figure out which seam it does and the correct length, width, and tension; and where on the knob it is, as well as what the heck all the numbers mean. This seriously overwhelms me, mentally.  So I just don't bother with it because it's not worth stressing out over.  

Well, last night I decided to giver her a go. {OH, did I mention she didn't come with a user manual.... YEAH.} 

So, I borrowed some thread from my Gramma, because I didn't have the color I needed for the project I needed to work on. I called my mom to find out how the heck this ancient beast threads a bobbin. After 30 minutes on the phone with her- VOILA! It worked. 

GUESS who forgot to lock the bobbin in so that it threads taut and not loosely. 

Of course! It was yours truly. A few profane words entered my thoughts. You see, the thread I borrowed from my Gramma, is Gutermann thread. Approximately $8.41 a spool. Approximately. 

Since I'm poor and cheap I decided it would be easier to just use my hands and wind about 100 yards of thread back on the the spool. Luckily about half way through the bobbin thread was taut, so it wasn't a complete waste. So I take it back to the playroom and call it a night. 

The spool and the bobbin roll off the table. QUALITY.  Not too much came off though. So then I decided to thread the machine {or attempt to, since I have no instruction manual} and test her out. It was a no-go. I tried several different ways and it just was. not. working. 

I went to bed and passed out for an hour until Callen woke up. Double Quality. 

The End. Ish.