Friday, September 30, 2011

Soooo, I've been M-I-A lately, and not the teen mom singer/talker/rapper person, well I guess the mom part... I keep writing drafts of blogs, but never get around to finishing them. Partly because I start 10 projects, and then don't have time to finish them.

I thought once Bailey started school I would have a little more free time.

Eeeehhhhhrrrrrr. Wrong.

I do have more time... to fill with cleaning, or the endless abyss of laundry that is my house, or mowing the lawn while simultaneously dropping the video monitor into the kiddie pool {what a multi-tasker I am!}. Luckily, it FINALLY turned back on a few minutes ago, because Jesus loves me... we're tight. Or, helping Bailey with her Pre-K homework. Or being a Councilor in the Primary Presidency. Or taking Trevor to feeding therapy, or doctors visits for Bailey to get her therapy referral. Or endless evaluations so we can get her IEP.... SO much has been happening, I think my brain has decreased in capacity by half.  So maybe things will calm down some soon and I'll tell you all about it.

So here is one of the projects I have been working on.

I have been practicing them a lot lately... The sad thing is that, these here, for my kids, look a little rough... because I got lazy and tired and I'm kind of sick of these now. They were meant to be pool towels or something. 'Cause you KNOW I'm too anal for them to not match my bathroom... but guess what... there are no clean towels right now {that's what happens when your kids treat the bathtub like the pool}. SO, they are going to be bath towels. Then I got the brilliant idea, to do wash clothes with their initials because I can never keep whose is whose straight, and the germaphobe in me just can't handle that, it's gross.

 I will do a tute soonish so you can make some cuteness too!

And with that, I bid Adieu.


Friday, September 23, 2011


For some reason, this is one of my new faves. I really like the in your face close up photos. I think what I love about this is the green grass and the gorgeous amber-brown color of Maggie Moo's {yep, that's really her name} hide. I just like it. All I did was up the exposure a SMIDGEN and add a little saturation. To be honest the SOOTC version is pretty good in and of itself.  I pretty much love my camera and learning to use it and edit.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Potty Time! {Not party time}

Bugger. Well, I've been putting it off and off and off and I just can't any longer.

{isn't the bokeh awesome in this pic?!}

My dear, sweet, too smart for his age son, Trevor NEEDS to be potty trained. You've seen his previous encounters with the toilet, and poop, and pee.

Well, I've known he's ready if I wanted to do it, I JUST DON'T WANT TO DO IT. {That's what she said! - sorry I couldn't help it!}

A few short moments ago, this stinker {while I'm in the play room couponing} took off his poopy diaper and dumped the poop into the toilet and flushed it. Then started to bring me his diaper.

You see, while I was couponing, it was awfully quiet, which means.... He's most likely in a bathroom, and since their bathroom is the one I forgot to close the door to, due to a morning rush, I assumed he was there. The sound of the toilet lid dropping confirmed my suspicions. So I ran down the hall and found the above "sitiation".

THE BEST PART, { and I sure hope you aren't eating, if so, stop reading here}...

The poop apparently dropped on the floor, at which point my logically thinking toddler picked it up, and put it into the toilet.

AWESOMENESS. Soo, I shall stock up on anything I might possibly need next week and potty train this little turd tosser. Bailey was fully potty trained at his age, I've just been lazy. Wish me luck!

UGH. Can't I just pay someone to do this for me? I bet it's going to be easy... I just don't have time for it right now... ya know? It slows things down... okay there, I won't complain about it anymore... today.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Random thoughts.

1. I have no idea how so much crap gets into my house. My Goodwill pile spans my incredibly long hallway... I get rid of this much stuff every few months.... I think there's a junk fairy out there that keeps bringing more crap into my house. Her name is Kylee too! What a coinkydink.

2. Shark Navigator ROCKS.

3. Kids need WAY too much stuff. It's obscene.

4. Mahi Mahi, Olive oil, lemon juice, basil, and Paula deans house seasoning = DIVINE... oooor... I was starving... literally. I think I've had 3 meals in the last 3-4 days. But I'm going with divine.

5. Fasting for blood tests... or well anything, sucks. Any other night I'd be fine, but because I'm fasting my gut is a bottomless pit that is left completely unsatisfied.

6. I HATE taking my kids places. It may start out fine, but always ends in blood, sweat, & tears.

7. Hardee's on Blanding in Orange Park has Cherry Coke on tap. YES!! It was pretty dang good too! The Racetrack on Park Ave has it too, but theres was gross. Sam's machine has been broken for a month. Just in case you were wondering.

8. Hardee's has THE BEST biscuits and gravy. Don't try to argue with me, I'm right, and I know it.

9. There is a shape I love, and I really want to know the name of it.... but I can't even search for a picture of one to show you, because I don't freaking know what it's called!!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Storage Ottoman!

Saturday and today my, {and by my I mean Jeffrey's} project is to create a storage ottoman, to hide crap in.  Woo Hoo! This has been on my list of projects for about 4 years now. HOLLER!

It started like this.

But it won't be finished until later this week, BECAUSE JoAnn's is super duper lame and can't cut the foam for the top the way I need it, SO I'm going to have to go to an upholstery store and have it cut to size... Which is going to cost a small fortune. Let's just ignore the fact that I probably could have bought one for the price we will have paid when we're done. Though, it wouldn't be nearly as cute, and definitely not as big. 

Here is the fabric though. 

It matches nothing else in my house. But that's going to change. Gradually, because we're poor. But eventually, by the time I'm ready to change it all again, the whole place will go together. I'm not in love with the stripes {which will be on the bottom} but I thought it would be too busy having the whole 3x3 ottoman in the top fabric, I'm now second guessing that decision. It's too late, I already paid a ridiculous amount of money for it... but it was 60% off.... so I was frugal. 

Behind closed doors.

We have been busy,busy bees for the past couple of weeks, so there haven't been TOO many shenanigans. Before we got busy though, there were a couple of good ones.

For some reason my son is obsessed with my make up. It's because I'm so flipping awesome that he wants to be JUST like me. He also adores the toilet. He does NOT get that from his germophobic mother, I assure you.  Sooo when it gets quiet in the house and I remember that I have a son, that is not within close proximity to me, I think CRAP. I immediately check MY bathroom, because now that he's found my make up it's way cooler than their bathroom. and this is what I will find EVRY time. Because my kids have a thing for closed doors.

Why, yes. That is a filthy door. It's because they all look like that and I haven't gotten around to busting out the Magic Eraser and Greased Lightning, yet. The joys of renting. That and Trev made that door his canvas one day, and his medium was purple crayon. So I didn't want to ruin his masterpiece.

This is the real jewel... Cream blush {which I've never used} 

Yes, he dipped my powder foundation brush in and had at it. AWESOME. I'm REALLY glad I had a spare brush. {Ignore the lens cap... I  had no where else to put it}.

I had JUST mopped the floors for the first time in a month or so... yes, it's gross I know, but whatever, I have a baby, and I spot clean the floor regularly... it has to balance out, right?

We were having Family home evening over here with my Mom and Gramma and we were making pizzas for dinner and the kids wanted to help... it had been THAT kind of day {the kind where you say to hell with it and just let them be kids} so they were helping.... Trev decided it'd be helpful to take a scoop of flour and dump it ON the pizza.... oh, yes.

See how much flour is all over them? Can you imagine what my floors looked like? I died a little inside. 

Trev's handy work.