Friday, December 30, 2011

The Nebulizer

 I named this cute little guy Nebby. Original, huh. I'm lame like that. 

 We nebulized the chair.

  We nebulized Trevor, occasionally.

 ....behind the chair. 

...and mommy. 

And then he cried because he hates it now, apparently. 

I didn't even know what this was until a couple of months ago. Trevor and Callen had been congested and coughing for about two months. I'm pretty sure it's allergy related, but still. Something needs to be done about it.  It's pretty bad now. So I took him to my pediatrician. I changed pediatricians for the FIFTH {you heard me} time when Callen was born.

BEST. THING. I. EVER. DID. {changing peds, that is.}

I know I've plugged them before, but I'm going to do it again, Progressive Pediatrics... 30 miles, one way from my house... worth EVERY mile... funny because one of the doctors is Dr. Miles, the other is Dr. Ceron.

Seriously. Even their medical assistants know what they are talking about. They don't just say "I don't know, I'll have to ask the doctor." Most of the time they know the answers. They are SO organized and have it together at this office. They aren't condescending at all {which is HUGE to me}, Dr. Ceron is certified in holistic pediatrics {which I used to think was hippie medicine}. Everything they've told me to do has worked SO MUCH BETTER than other remedies.

For instance, when I took Trevor in a couple months ago {we saw one of the nurses, Hope Gunn; LOVE her.} She checked him out and asked me if he's ever been on breathing treatments with a nebulizer.

"I don't even know what those are?"

So she showed me how, I did a treatment on him and she came back a little after that and checked him again, she said he sounded like a different kid. She sent me home with one, compliments of my insurance {a $258.00 machine}.

WHY THE FREAK has no one else offered that instead of cramming antibiotics down my kids throats, particularly Bailey?

I MEAN SERIOUSLY, F-I-V-E pediatricians.... FIRST one to mention it. First ones, to do allergy tests.

If I told you how many antibiotics Bailey was on her first year and a half of life and allergy medications {without ever doing an allergy test}, etc.... you'd slap me and call me a bad parent.

You know, as a first {or second or third, or fourth} time parent, you don't always know which questions to ask, that's where finding a good pediatrician comes in.... with a good pediatrician, they will go ahead and explain why the treatment is necessary, how it's going to help, and what you can expect to see change, what side affects you might see, etc. .  Progressive Pediatrics does that. They are thorough.


She also told me to get XClear... it's a nasal spray with Xylitol in it.. it comes from a plant, but it's antibacterial... so it prevents bacteria from growing in the nose. Pricey, but I'm willing to try anything once. It seemed to work.

Anyway, I could go on and on and on. I heart them. They are WONDERFUL.

With Trev's tummy issues, she told me to strictly enforce NO SOY, NO CASEIN, have him on probiotics and a papaya enzyme at every meal. It really does seem to help. He is still having some issues, but we'll see.

If you aren't satisfied where you are, check them out.

There's my plug. Their alternatives are pricey because they are natural remedies but they are safer and healthier than throwing chemical medications down their throat {not that I'm opposed to that in desperation...}.

I'm stepping off of my soap box.

The End.

The BEST Compliment

So, after a long, long morning of Trevor screaming for 2 hours, I finally made him go to sleep {more on that later} and got the baby, who's also miserable, to sleep {ANNNND Trevor just walked out, awesome.} Anyhow, so I got them both down, and {now Callen is crying and hacking up a lung, AWESOM-ER} Bailey and I jumped in the shower really quickly.

So we're in the shower and we have the following conversation:

 "Mommy, why's your belly fat?"

{luckily, I could say...} "Because there's a baby in my belly."

"What are these?" {points to the MANY nasty stretch marks all over said tummy}

"That is where new skin grew so my belly could grow and get bigger when I had you, Trevor and Callen. They are called stretch marks. They are pretty ugly, huh."

....wait for it.... because this response just melted me.

"I think they're reawwy pretty."

BEST compliment, ever.

Probably because they are purple and she's OBSSESSED with it right now, but I'll take what I can get!

Love that sweet, spunky girl.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 Can I just tell you, that one of things that brings THE MOST joy and purpose to my days and life is watching my kids play together.

I can't begin to tell you how much I LOOOOVVVEEEEE hearing them laugh and play. When Bailey is at school or away, Trevor asks for her a bajillion times a day. They LOVE playing together. I LOVE that they LOVE playing together. I'm 99.99999% sure that in a few more years they will be constantly bickering and I am going to have to put them on the curb with signs saying "Free personal Slave" but for now. I freaking love it.

Love. Love. Love. Trevor doesn't even mind being bossed around and forced to do whatever Bailey's overactive imagination comes up with.

{P.S. sorry for the lack of editing... I'm lazy these days.} 

And sweet, sweet, angel, baby Callen, just watches them. Absorbing in the fact that in a few more months when he's walking, he will become prey. Maybe he's calculating his defense strategy now? He's a smart one, that boy. Trevor is already trying to break him in easy. When Callen is crawling or on all fours, Trevor takes it upon himself, to mount the poor kid as a horse and try to ride him, cowboy style, not lacking the "gyup" {giddy up}.


Remind me tomorrow, when I'm barfing and can't get off the couch... or in seven months when there are FOUR FREAKING KIDS in my house and there is no more order and I don't know what to do with myself.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holy, Stockings!

I FIIIINNNAAALLLLY got them finished.... except for the new kids. I need to know what it is first... 'cause I have some DANG cute, vintage ginerbread house fabric, if it's a girl.

Anyway... blood, sweat, tears {literally, all three} and a week later..... drum roll please...
{there is one playing in my head, do you hear it?}

They are most definitely not perfect. But I don't give a flyin' rats behind; we will use them and love them, FOR-EV-ER. 

Because I said so. {Rebekah Hunter Scott, that's for you ;) }

Merry Christmas Y'all! 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shepherd's Pie Awesomeness

It was DE-FREAKING-LICIOUS. No kidding. I had some for dinner AND for dessert.

Bailey LOOOOVVEED it. She begged me to take it to school for her lunch... forgetting that she isn't going to school for three, really long weeks.

 She shoveled it into her mouth, literally, see.

I'm sure your appetite has subsided, but don't worry. I'll post the other picture at the end and it will cure that. 

It's pretty much the same recipe I usually use, except, I decided to make it totally unhealthy and add gravy to the meat. HOOOOLLLLYYY MOLY!

Heaven. Divinity. Those shepherd's sure knew what they were doing when they invented this dish.

WHOA. {Joey Lawrence style... raise your hand if you remember him? Mmm he was yummy too.}

Okay, enough of my blubbering. Here's what you do, it's quick and easy... just a lot going on at once... a second pair of hands... {Jeffrey Shaw} are helpful... he was really helpful.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a healthy dish... I mean it CAN be, but this way... not a chance. 

Also, if you want a truer Shepherd's Pie... leave out the veggies, but we like them...

I 1/2 lbs. ground beef
PDHS = Paula Dean's House Seasoning {scroll down for recipe}
1 medium onion chopped however you like it
6-7 potatoes, peeled, and cubed
cheddar cheese to tast {and by that I mean I sprinkle, sprinkle, and sprinkle a lot probably about 2 cups... we like cheese}
frozen mixed veggies... about 2 cupsish
1/2 can beef broth
1 1/2 TBSP. corn starch

Put your ground beef in a skillet and add: onion, PDHS and Worcestershire sauce. {That's pronounced wosrt-er-sher, FYI... say it right, practice if you need to.}

Brown it on medium heat... it will release more juice than a higher heat.

While it's browning get your pot of water ready to boil the potatoes... salt it pretty well, add the potatoes... cook em for about 10 minutes.

When your meat is browned all the way....

DO NOT DRAIN THE FAT. I know it's gross, and really tempting.. I usually drain it and then blot the meat with a paper towel... I'm a freak, I know.


Take a slotted spoon {a big one if you have it} and transfer the meat and onions to the baking dish you're going to use. spread it out evenly over the bottom.

Start steaming your frozen veggies. It only takes a few minutes.

Bust out your can of beef broth and add it to the beef fat. Pour about half of the can into the pan and whisk it a smidgen. Start adding your cornstarch, a 1/2 a tablespoon at a time, whisking well, as you go. Let it simmer while whisking it. The cornstarch won't thicken until the heat cooks it. When it's thickened, pour it over the meet in the baking dish and mix it all together, make them best friends.

Drain your veggies and plop them on top of the meat/gravy mixture and spread it out. {They can be girlfriend and boyfriend.}

Drain the potatoes and dump them in your slowly, painfully, dying Kitchenaid mixer. With the paddle attachment, add milk, butter, & PDHS to taste until smooth and moist. No one likes dry mashed potatoes, let's be honest.

SIDE NOTE: This is not a Casein free recipe... though I thought it was until I started making the mashed potatoes and remembered there was milk and butter and cheese on the top... but I wasn't about to ruin it with rice milk, vegan butter and tofu cheese... sorry, Bailey... My flesh is weak, and so is my stomach.

 Okay, so mashed potatoes are done. Plop 'em on top of the veggies and then sprinkle your cheese like it's the last cheese on earth. Lots, and lot's of cheese.

Put it in the oven at 375 until cheese is melted and you think it's heated through... about 10-15 minutes should do it.

Take it out and devour it. For dinner, and dessert.  'Cause you can. Cause in January you're going to make a resolution to lose weight, even though you won't keep it... but, hey... it's not JANUARY, YO! It's still December.

Eat up! 

Oh, PDHS. I'm sitting in Bed right now, and I'm FAR too lazy to get up and go grab the cookbook, but it's essentially Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder. I want to say 1 C. salt and 1/4 C. Pepper and 1/4 C. Garlic Powder... but I'm really and truly not sure, so I will post it first thing in the morning. When I'm already in the kitchen. Not ready to pass out in bed, even though I took a two hour nap this afternoon.

Good night, my friends.

{It turns out I was right... Those are the correct ratios. I put it in a large shaker {like an onion flakes shaker} and use it in dang near everything. Love the stuff.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pity Party For One Please {well, two, really}

Wow. You'd think I'd be used to exhaustion. I did a pretty good job of powering through it today and being productive anyway. Once 8:00 p.m. comes... I feel like I fading into a dark and dismal oblivion of bad sleep. Here I am, dishes and dinner done, kids in bed, and off I go pounding away on Charlie {Charlie's the new sewing machine} trying to make some progress on Trevor's stocking... I chose a pinwheel pattern for his... FYI... they are hard, and suck a mega mega big one. HOWEVER, I have managed to trim them down to nothingness so that they are squared decently. Anyway, this caused me to have to remeasure and fit the rest, and since I'm tired and lazy and just decided to wing it.... I've spent A LOT of time with Mr. Seam Ripper tonight. A mental break? Sure! Why not.




Now I'm sitting on this ridiculously comfy couch sinking into it, and I might not be able to get up {like last night when I passed out on it at the end of NCIS L.A..

The thing is, There is oh, ya know, like ten or twenty pounds of ground beef sitting in my sink that needs to be portioned and frozen.

The physical side of me doesn't get a say, because I'll sink into that dark oblivion we already covered, the mental side of me says:
" uuugggghhh... it's only 8:45... but wait? Really? It feels like 10 or 11? HOW am I going to last long enough to put that junk away........ JEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFRRRRRREEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY."


P.S. How about he won me Kelly Clarkson tickets on the radio today... He kind of rocks my socks... {obviously, hence the pity party for TWO= fetus in my gut}.

The end, fo real.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Half Birthday!

Happy half birthday to our super sweet Callen! He's 6 months today! I can't believe it! It's been a great 6 months and we love him so much! He brings such a sweet, fun spirit to our home! LOVE this little man.

Christmas Spirit.

Ya know, the past few years... I'm just not feeling it! I put my tree up early to try and channel the holiday spirit, but then life gets busy and I never get around to decorating to the extent of what I'd like. In fact, I'm either missing a bin of Christmas stuff, or threw out our old stockings in the anticipation that I would be motivated enough to get or make new ones. I really want to make these gorgeous ones.. or similar to them by Camille Roskelley.

I even went out and found some fabric... I'm not in love with any of it. So now there are 2 weeksish... I'm not counting, just guessing... and we have 0 stockings. I just found out, that I need to make a sixth stocking. Yes, that's right. NExt Christmas there will be an additional bundle of joy in the Shaw family. We are excited! Anyhow, I've been wanting to do all sorts of fun stuff with the kids... I don't have many ideas... so help a sista' out and leave me some easy, good, quality time things to do with the kids, pretty, pretty please!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

GF/CF Veggie Lovin' Lasagna

I found this recipe on Pinterest {my new favor-ite thing}. Looks so YUM, doesn't it!

So I got all excited to make it and realized... A. I hadn't looked at the recipe... but I had an idea of what was in it and B: BAILEY CAN'T HAVE CHEESE.


So I bought her some vegan mozzarella {she got to taste it before I bought it, and liked it... so whatev}... and left out the ricotta cheese on hers.

I'm making a whole pan for each and I'm freezing it so she can have lunches/dinners {same goes for us, so I hope it's good!}

I adjusted the recipe a bit and basically doubled it, since I was making two pans.

3 large yellow squash and 3 small/med. zuccini {because it's what I had on    hand} 
2 cans of italian style plum tomatoes
A cup or so of mozzarella cheese {'cause I can}
Approx. 2 T. oregano
Some garlic powder to taste {bc I was out of fresh... garlic doesn't belong in air tight containers... it will go bad, learned that the hard way.}
salt & pepper and ground red pepper {not too much red pepper maybe 1/4-1/2 tsp. since I was doing a double batch.}
12 oz-ish Ricotta cheese {I like it A LOT} {said like Jim Carrey}
 I THINK that's it.

So here's how it goes.

Drain the tomatoes half way* and stick them in a food processor or blender and pulse 'em.

* {I would drain them all the way} because there is a LOT of water from the squash when it's done.

Chop up the onions and toss 'em in a skillet with the ground beef, sausage, turkey {whatever you want to use} to saute 'em. Add some salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic {fresh if you've got it, powder if ya don't}.

While that's sauteing, slice up your squash and zuccini.

Once the meat is brown and onions are soft put the tomatoes in and add the oregano and some salt. I added about a 1.5 tablespoon of sugar to neutralize the acidity because it made my throat burn it was so acidic. Let it simmer for a little while until it reduces a little.

 {I forgot to take a picture, sorry}

Then you assemble.

I put a little sauce on the bottom to keep it all from sticking. Then layed the squarsh. {yes, squarsh.} then some mozzarella {or vegan cheese} and some ricotta {but not on Bailey's} then some more squarsh, sauce cheese ricotta, cheese. DONE.

Bake at 375 until it gets browned and bubbly. 

It was yum! 

Bailey liked hers too. Vegan cheese and all. 

See the juice? Squash and zuccini hold a lot of water. You might want to try to draw some of it out by soaking it in a brine {salt water bath} or by pre boiling or sauteing it. If you're going to do that, go ahead and keep some of the tomato juice.

Happy Veggie lovin' lasagna eatin'!

Advent Calendar

I'm in charge of Sharing Time this month in Primary. For all of you non- LDS people out there Primary is where the kids go for the 2nd and 3rd hour blocks of our Sunday meetings. They have singing time and a group lesson/devotional called Sharing Time. This month is obviously about Jesus' birth. This week we are discussing/teaching about the different prophets would prophesied about Jesus' birth. I was looking up ideas to help me  and found an advent calendar hand out here at I liked it, but I wanted something with a little more visual aesthetics. I moved the dates around a little so it would fit because I had to reformat it, and just added a few graphics. The blank spaces are so your kids can fill in some of their ideas as well. I thought that was neat, so it would make them apply what they learn and decide on some things all on their own. Anyhow, you are welcome to use it if you want. I'm not sure how to make it printable from the web, but if you'd like me to email you a copy just shoot me an email @ I did black and white since it was going to be photocopied anyway... Happy Sunday and God Bless.