Thursday, January 12, 2012


{Those are Trev's grubby little hands hijacking my smoothie as I try to snap a shot for you... little stinker, he's an opportunist.}

So, back in the day.... in high school {which apparently, this year is 10 YEARS, and I'm officially old} I worked at a small health food store. Much of my knowledge has since left, but we also had a smoothie bar. The recipes they came up with were SO stinking good. I have still yet to find a smoothie place that matches them. Unfortunately, I guess I didn't think to write some of those recipes down for later use {I was down with the owner, and they weren't patented anyway...} But I recently think I came up with a pretty dang good Mango Smoothie recipes.

I. Love. Mangoes.

So here is the best I can do to give you a "recipe" even though I didn't really measure....

3/4 a glass of ice
1 small can of Kern's Mango Nectar.
probably 1/2-3/4 a cup frozen mango
1/2 banana
1/2ish a small can of pineapple {and a tbsp or so of juice}
1 packet of stevia
a good handful of spinach {and if I had any flax meal, I'd toss some of that in too, but I don't}

puree it into smoothiness.


I just finished mine, and now I'm sad.


  1. I miss that place! I can't find a smooth place as good either. Sadness. That sounds killer good, I may have to buy some mango!

  2. I know, they were the best. Buy frozen mangoes. or fresh and then cube them and freeze them {I do that when they're ripe. It helps keep the texture smooth while giving more flavor... instead of watering it down with as much ice...