Friday, January 20, 2012

Progress what my sweet sweet girl has made. Lots of it! We've been pretty strictly on the Gluten Free/Casein Free diet for a few months now. The change is definitely noticeable. That's not to say that we don't have rough days or mood swings... we most definitely do, but what kid, or adult for that matter doesn't?

It brings me to tears. Seriously, I'm choked up right now. I picked her up from school early today to go have a surprise lunch with Jeffrey's parents and the kids {it was great to see them! & THANK YOU, Chic-fil-a for having a GF/CF kids meal option, I heart you.}

Anyhow, I picked her up and she had a surprise! Her teacher has been cracking down on the kids lately to restore order. How she manages those kids, is beyond me... I might would shoot myself... They are really sweet kids, I'm just not a patient person. I heart her too, Bailey is seriously SO lucky to have her as a teacher, AMAZING I tell you. I really wish she would follow her through every grade level.

Sidetracked again... woops. This week she started a "Star Student of the Week" and she picked Bailey! She has had a really good week, and many more really good days at school. So she has this backpack that has an Arthur {the cartoon} doll, book, memory game, and a counting game. There is a folder in there where we can draw pictures and write about the adventures Arthur has with us this weekend. It's very exciting stuff. I know you're jealous, stop lying to yourself.

So that noticeable difference... here are some of the changes we've seen:

  • increase in appetite {holy moly, she eats more than me now, and I am not kidding! She is currently eating another lunch... in addition to the one she had 3 hours ago.}
  • self-calming- she is able to stop a freak out and at least try to calm herself down by breathing, or counting or what not.
  • focus- for example, we counted bears for each card {11} in the arthur packet... it took a good 10 minutes or so and then we counted EACH bear as we put it back in the bag.... she counted up into the 30's... I didn't even know she could do that! I didn't freak out and lose my temper, she was right on key focusing and was easily redirected when she got distracted. 
  • obedience/following directions- I have heard a lot of okays and yes ma'am's lately, without arguing.. I seriously have to go in the other room with bug eyes and my mouth open, I really can't believe it. 
I know there were a lot of skeptics {myself included} but I'm here to tell you, that if your kid in fact does have a sensitivity to Gluten or Casein {or any food} this needs to be tried. Personally, it can be a huge pain in the rear, and is expensive and a big adjustment... so I would get a blood test first, to be sure it would even help... but that's just me. In our case it's made a world of difference. It took a month or so to notice, but it's definitely noticeable now. Jesus loves us, and my sanity... let's be honest, there wasn't much of that to begin with! 

Now we just have to work on Trevor's gut! He is Casein/Soy sensitive. Good thing they put soy in EVERYTHING. I guess it's a blessing he only eats about 6 foods. He's on digestive enzymes, probiotics, and a strictly Soy/Casein free diet for the next month, if there is no change in his gut he has the privilege of visiting a GI specialist... let's pray for change... I'm 99% sure I don't have it in me to get all those tests done on him. 

Callen can't have Casein or Soy either... that's all we know of so far. OH, the joy. 

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  1. I promise it gets easier as you find good substitutes for the things you're used to. And I know it really really sucks to have to make basically everything from scratch, but if you do it that way you can really save a LOT of money. And as for snacks, My kids really only get fruits and veggies. And that is way cheaper than the pre packaged things. and healthier! Hang in there!