Thursday, January 5, 2012

What do you do all day?

My cousin {18} asked me that the other night, sincerely, because she wanted to know... she wasn't being a smart butt.

I honestly, didn't know what to say. How do you summarize a day your crazy, sporadic life? I didn't know where to start. Jeffrey jumped in and started listing things. I was grateful. I definitely am not an "on the spot" kind of answerer. Answerer, you heard me. I freeze. It's awful. Then about 30 minutes to a few days later it hits me exactly what I SHOULD have said... instead of fumbling for words like a 3 year old with a minimal vocabulary.

6-7:00 a.m. {The day begins} I hear Trev and/or Bailey's footsteps trapesing down the hall, the door opens.... "MOMMMMY!!" Dwink!"... sometimes it's just yelling from the bathroom where he says he has to pee, and is half naked, and then doesn't pee when I get him on the pot, but just wants to sit there for a while. I Feed the baby if he hasn't eaten already, and pray he goes back to sleep for another hour or so.

7-7:30ish {the battle of breakfast} We go through the pantry until they decide what they want, and I secretly hope it's just cereal. Trev decides he didn't want his original choice, after I've fixed whatever he said he wanted, and I fix whatever new choice he's made and make him starve if he doesn't eat it. They eat while I make Bailey's lunch and snack for school. Hopefully, I get clothes on and brush my teeth and wash my face... make-up is extra credit most days.

7:45-8:30 {getting Bailey ready for school} If she's having a good day and eats quickly, we pressure brush {therapy calming trick}, she goes and picks an outfit... matching or not... I don't care anymore... it's one battle that's not worth fighting... eventually she gets all of her clothes on, brushes her teeth- most days, hair usually gets neglected, but you can't really tell anyway... While she's hopefully doing that;

I get the boys diapers changed, and may or may not put clothes on them or leave them in jammies... The other day, Trev sported fleece footie PJ's and cowboy boots. Honestly, I figured he'd be warmest in that.

Then I pack pack the diaper bag, grab coupons if I have shopping or returns to do, or paperwork if there are bills or appointments. Then we jump in the car and get Bailey to school by;

9:00a.m. {honestly half the time it's 9:15 or 9:30 on a really bad day.} We get out of the car, Callen gets woken up from his nap, because we have to walk Bailey into the school and down to her class room, where Trevor thinks he's part of the class and sits on the rug for circle time and starts singing and doing the motions and throws a fit because we have to leave, while the rest of the kids ask me to let him stay... he's kind of the class mascot. Then I get him out the door and he runs down the hall and usually into the therapy room and interrupts everyone... {please note that this is what happens when we pick Bailey up as well}.

9:30ish {errands} Woo hoo! Back in the car. We either go home, stop by Gigi's house or run errands during this time depending on my mental capacity, energy and the boys moods. I just LOATHE taking all of them somewhere. I can manage two. Three... just chaos... I'm TERRIFIED of 4! I cringe inside and get the shivers thinking of it. On Tuesday I leave from her school and go straight to Trevor's Therapy over by Baptist South.

10:00- 11:30ish - Therapy, or drs. appointments if we have them, or more errands. Sometimes we get them done quickly and are home... like right now... I just fed and put Callen down for a half nap, so I'll finish this blog post and then take out the trash that's full and has made my whole house WREAK, because I was hoping Jeffrey would take it out, but he didn't, then I unload the dishwasher, refill it {Trev's watching TV... you heard me, don't judge.} I will throw a load or so in the washer and then around;

12:15 {break is over}- wake up the baby, fight Trevor's exhaustion and Pray he doesn't fall asleep on the way to get Bailey... or if we've been in the car all day I just let him pass out and hope he stays asleep for a little while.

12:30p.m. {parent pickup}- We wake up, go in and get Bailey.. repeat that whole scenario... except we're in the lunch room. Finally, we leave, come home.. hope the boys will take naps at the same time...

or if not... the day goes to crap for everyone, especially me. In which case, the kids play and destroy the house... eat lunch, or snacks... watch a little TV, read books, jump on the trampoline, play on the swing set, feed the baby, run an errand or two, but ONLY if it's VITALLY important. Pick up the house... {in this time is typically where I play with them or pass out on the couch while Bailey lays with me and watches a movie... IF both boys are sleeping at the same time... this is where I have a lot of those great, fun moments that make having half a basketball team worth it and get me through the day.}

6:00p.m.- {Battling Bedtime} feed the kids dinner... occasionally I eat sometimes, not always. Get them in the bath, Pick out PJ's, pressure brush again, brush teeth & hair, feed the baby, put him to bed while the kids read books, get drinks, say family prayer,  and OH, it's a battle most of the time. Threaten them with their lives if they get out of bed... especially Trevor... the little stinker's been doing that A LOT lately. {longest run on sentence EVER huh... let's just call it a list!}

Then I sit on the couch and wait for one of them to cry or come out to get another drink or 5, or to pee, re-tuck them in, break out Mr. Spanky as a deterrent. It works, they are down. Sit on the couch, don't move for an hour or so, pass out before or after Jeffrey gets home... and I whip us up some dinner... go brush my teeth, wash my face... or shower... that does happen from time to time. Sometimes I feel guilty and work on cleaning since Jeffrey has had a long day and does it automatically when he gets home, but sometimes I just literally can't. If it doesn't get done earlier in the day, it usually doesn't get done...

CRASH AND BURN. Wake up a few times to pee and feed the baby.


Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday's are a lot busier than this, but these described here are the easy days... usually.

THAT is what I do all day. And I squeeze in the insurance company, drs. calls, bills, etc somewhere in between. I used to scoff at SAHM's, like they weren't busy or something, then I became one. No mas, mis amigos. NO MAS.

 We are hangin' tough... NKOTB style... you hear it playing in your head now don't you.... GOOD. You should. They freaking rock.

I'm going to rest, I'm tired from typing this. Good Day, my friends.


  1. You are such a great writer! I love your blog :) and I'm so impressed with your schedule! As a nanny, I now have so much more respect for stay-at-home moms, even more than before, because I was just the rugrat that my mom watched! ;)

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you! Goodness, would I love a nanny some days... okay, most days! It's a hard job, I couldn't do it. Even harder to do all that work for someone else's kids! Kudos to you ;) It is however, GREAT practice!