Sunday, February 19, 2012

8 Months!

Callen was 8 Months old on the 8th. I apologize for the lack of posts, my computer was dead, and my charger stopped working after Callen put it in his mouth.

Anyway, This kid is really starting to show his colors. I love/hate this stage of development. It's really fun to watch their personalities shine through, it's also a pain in the rear when they realize they can be stubborn and play tricks on you and then laugh about it.

I'm pretty sure Callen is going to be the family trickster {not like a hooker turning tricks... like the class clown...}

He sure thinks he is hilarious. Particularly, when I'm feeding him, he likes to hit my hand and make baby food go everywhere and he thinks that's ridiculously comical. He looks at me with this smirk that says "now, what? huh?"

He is still a really happy, flirty, ACTIVE, smart baby. Though he looks like a little man. He's so big.

He loves peek-a-boo, splashing in the bathtub... like you would not believe, this too, he thinks is hilarious. Or crawling away from me mid diaper change, clothing, anything that confines him.

 {sorry I couldn't decide which one to post, so you get them all. The last one is my favorite, I wish I'd had the 8 mos up on the wall for it. I COULD photoshop it in... but I'm lazy.}

We love him so much. The kids adore him and love to play with him. I can't imagine our family without him. Or the hell he is going to give Bailey and Trevor in a few months when he's walking and running around. I'm particularly looking forward to that! Oh, joy... that will be some kind of crazy fun.

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