Saturday, March 17, 2012

9 months

Oh my goodness. Callen is a growing boy.
21 lbs. 6 oz.
30 inches long

He says "Ma ma", "da da", "wuh" "duh" "La" and probably a couple more that sound like jibberish.

He can point his finger... which he likes to do at you...

We walks if someone is holding his hands, or if he's cruising along furniture or pushing something... he just needs to realize he can stand by himself... and then it won't be long.

Boy is he getting smart! He is a mischievous little clown. He thinks he is hilarious, and is starting to pick up on the things Bailey and Trevor do "LIKE HITTING! yeah... and copy them. {That is not to my benefit}. That boy CAN NOT WAIT, to be able to run around and play with them. He stands at the door and watches them play... and then gets mad because he can't walk out there, and he doesn't quite want to crawl in the grass badly enough to get to them.

He knows what he wants. He has a stubborn streak... big shocker.

He is still a really easy baby, in that, he goes to sleep so easily, and eats pretty much anything I give him... which is limited because he has a sensitive tummy, but it's getting better. He still has to be on special formula, and we are very slowly introducing grains, but no gluten.

He has a cold and is teething, so he has been a crankmeister the past couple of weeks, and that has been tough, but he's still pretty good considering.

He LOVES thrills and doesn't even flinch if he gets flipped or tossed or thrown in the air... I think he'll be an adrenaline junkie... it worries me a little... I mean, he should at least flinch, right? We'll see.

We love him so much and I honestly can't remember our family without him. He is such a sweet, happy little stinker... though he does HATE having to lay down and be still to get his diaper changed, or clothes on, etc. BOY, does he get mad!

Sweet little pissed off face is so cute! We are suckers for it... sweet boy.

{I didn't edit these photos either, sorry about that... I'm just lazy.}

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