Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bailey's 5th Birthday!

This little lady turned 5 years old, this week. 





I can't freaking believe it! She is so smart, and growing so fast. I'm so proud of the spunky, funny, cooky, crazy, stubborn, caring, sweet girl she is becoming. She has made so much progress, just in the past year. Her favorite color is PURPLE. She can count to 20, and can write her name pretty well, and color in the lines {when she's focusing}. She is such a good helper and loves her brothers so dang much! She is learning to choose the right, and to think about what she says in her prayers. We love that girl SO DANG MUCH. As much of a challenge as it's been, I can't imagine it any other way. I feel like we are war buddies. We've been through ups and downs and in betweens, and a special bond. 

All this girl has talked about for the past year is having a princess birthday party. So that's what she got. She LIVES for birthday parties {particularly the cake}. She was SO stinking excited when a couple of friends from school came to her party. She is so easy to please sometimes. Here are the pictures. 

Disclaimer: I suck at cake decorating, we've been through this. I'm actually kind of proud of this one, it turned out significantly better than I'd planned. It was finished about 12:35 a.m. .... this is a RIDICULOUS time for a pregnant lady. It was a labor of love, and I did it, specifically for her, and she loved it.... and that's all I cared about. LOVE, that sweet girl. Also, I was too lazy to edit these, for that I do apologize... 

Okay, for real... here you go. 

Arthur came to visit us too! {This is her classes friend Arthur and the student of the week brings him home}
Sammy was having fun with balloons! What a sweetheart! 

They decorated paper crowns.. it was fun times!

She was so thrilled to have this cake, it warmed my heart and made the UTTER TORTURE worth it completely. 

Isn't he ridiculously cute! This is my nephew, Aaron, hamming it up! 

She LOVES shoes. She LOVES these boots Uncle Chad and Aunt Katie got her! 

 She freaking LOOOOVVVEEESS her Uncle Chad. It's so sweet.

She was giving Katie a thank you hug for the Ariel barbie she got her... she was asking me for it allllll week. She loved all her gifts and couldn't wait {literally} to bust them out and play with it. 

Thank you all for making her birthday so special, it meant the world to her, and to us! 

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  1. you did a great job pulling this off! you're such a good mom. glad I got to see you while we were in town.