Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Birds & The Bees- Take 934,567,894

I was just putting a diaper on Trevor after his bath and Bailey {you know this is gonna be good} came in the room.

She asks, "Why do boys have penises?"

I respond "Because Heavenly Father gave them to them."

She rebuts, "Where do boys come from?"

I explain, "From Heavenly Father..."

*She starts to touch his penis*


"So I smack her hand away, and say... "Don't touch his penis! Does he touch your Giney?"

She says, "No."

Me, "Why doesn't he touch your Giney?"


{Are you ready for this?}


She replies, "Because it's not long and pointy like that."

Go ahead.... laugh it up.... I did.

NO, BAILEY. The correct answer is "We don't touch other people's private areas."


  1. LOL! We have similar conversations at our house. ;) Fun being a mom eh?

  2. The best is when the wee little boy gets a boner and 4 yr old daughter laughs and says its SO big!!! LOL

    Stop and redirect. Stop and redirect. I'm not ready to go there yet! Haha!