Friday, March 30, 2012

Canning Labels

Hello my friends!

      I just got done canning some Jam and BUTTER. I am kind of getting canning happy, with the summer coming {and a tax refund!}

You heard me! I found this link, with instructions. It was pretty dang easy... seriously... I want to do more, just because it was so stinking easy.
See how it turned out...

It actually looks like the chick's on the blog! That NEVER happens, to me. If I can do it... so can you! DO IT! {said like the guys in Wedding Crashers, of course}

I made labels for my Jam last year, and they turned out pretty dang cute {I think, anyway} . Sooo, I thought I'd make labels for the things I am already doing available, so y'all can use them too. You're quite welcome! Believe me, it is MY pleasure!

I usually print them on 8.5 x 11 packing labels {basically a full sheet of empty sticker paper} and take a 2" circle punch to punch them out and place them on the tops of my jars. It just makes them a little more organized, and a little cuter and it makes me happy when I look at them, so I thought... why not share the warm fuzzies!

This strawberry jam one doesn't have an expiration date place on it, because I usually have the date I made it, and about 2 batches lasts us a year... SO I don't have to worry about it expiring. But, there is space left so you can write in either the date made or the expiration date.

Canned meats last for YEARS. So just write the date you canned it underneath... to keep track. Canned meat looks sooo nasty! Seriously, it's like a science experiment... or something you have just disected. It took me years to try it... my mom made something and it was good and THEN, after I ate it, told me that it was from the canned chicken.

Look at it though....

it doesn't look appetizing. So I took a jar home and used it ONCE.... it made cooking dinner SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much faster and less labor intensive... I was hooked. I haven't ventured to beef or pork yet... if you think the chicken looks gross... yikes! We all have to start somewhere though, right? ................... RIGHT?!

Butter's shelf life is around 3 years. So just put 3 years after the month you made it. Do you know how much buttercream icing is sitting in that picture... I wonder how well it would turn out using that butter... hmm...

Happy Canning people! Go be self-reliant... if only our country would do the same... yes, I went there.


  1. I have the canning itch, too. It's just putting in the money all at once to do it that is hard. But I think I will try butter! I am going to the farmer's market tomorrow to see what else I can buy and can or make into freezer jam (i.e. strawberries!). p.s. Thanks for the labels!

  2. I want to can!! Maybe canning is something we CAN do together with kids running around??