Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crash Corner

On my to do list for the past 6 months has been a crash corner for Bailey and/ or Trevor. Basically, a huge pillowcase to stuff with every blanket possible. That way they can plop and kick and scream and whatever, when they get upset.

I put it off. I'm scared of zippers. My mom always talks about how hard they are and I think I have a mental block from it.

Anyway, I had been without my computer for a couple of days. It was getting fixed. So, I hand wrote all of my lists... yes, lists... there are a lot of them. I got sick of seeing the crash corner on there, when I have EVERYTHING to make it. So, while the boys were napping, I went to rummage through my fabric collection and came across this gem.

It's an XL Twin Duvet cover I got at Target a while back for like $6.00. I mean seriously... I bought it just for the fabric. It was too cheap not to.

Well, guess what happens when you slice that junk down the middle? It already has seams sewn and buttons to close it at the top.... ALL I had to do was turn it inside out, sew a straight line...

 ...turn it right side out, and stuff it with every blanket I could get my hands on.

BAM! 10 minute project, DONE.

Double bonus.... It frees up several baskets of blankets that now can be used for other things and also decreases the clutter. HOLLER.

Now if ONLY I could finish that BLASTED ottoman. One day, folks. One day.

I have a mental block against that too. Did you know, that upholstery tacks are actually a BIOTCH to hammer in? Hence, the mental block.

Go be productive people!

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