Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Camera Strap!

Woo Hoo! One of the things on my project list {that is ENORMOUS} is to make a new camera strap cover. I made this one about a year ago, but the measurements from the tutorial didn't end up fitting, that and there was supposed to be a ruffle and I got annoyed and stopped trying, so I just sewed the ribbon on.. it's definitely nothing special and only took a few minutes to make.

Then after looking at more tutorials {and constantly having to adjust the cover because it would slip to one side or the other} I decided, I needed it to cover the leather as well and taper off to keep it in place. I also needed a pocket or two for my lens cap... because, I always forget whether it's in my bra or my pocket ... then I have to figure out WHICH pocket. I also needed it to be cuter that that heinous first attempt.

So this morning, the kids were at my moms and Jeffrey was asleep, and I couldn't go back to sleep {big shocker!}... So I figured I would just make one really quickly. And I did. Except, it was more like 5 hours instead of really quickly... because I kept making stupid mistakes and cutting the stupid thing where it shouldn't have been cut.

I'm chocking it up to lack of preparation. I combined these two tutorials :

ruffles, pockets, and fusible fleece

from different sites and was toggling between them... on try number 3 It worked out... it was tedious. Jeffrey got yelled at a few times for no reason... call it collateral damage? Woops. He puts up with a lot...

Hey look! You can see the camera strap and my baby bump... hadn't thought about that... I guess I should get some pictures of it eventually. 

It's actually a little big {the camera strap, not the bump}, but it's not too bad and the length fits and it's cute... which is all I care about... mostly. I got to the point where I didn't feel like dealing with the fusible fleece so I didn't.

I'll probably be glad in the summer when I'm sweating like the fat pregnant lady I will be.

I will try to get an order of steps together in the near future, in case you'd like to try yourself :)