Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two by Two.... or All but one.

Okay, folks. I need some help. We will be moving yet again in a couple of months, and I just can not decide what to do about bedroom situations. So, I'm going to tell you the ideas I've had based on past experiences... and I'm asking for your opinions.

*** Please, leave them as comments on the blog so I can actually go back and find them. Facebook makes that much more difficult to track down. THANKS!***

Option #1: 5 year old Bailey, 2 year old Trevor, and 14 month old Callen In a bedroom together. In this case, Bailey and Trevor would be in bunk beds {which make me a little nervous} and Callen will most likely be in a crib or toddler bed.

My hang ups for this plan are:

1- Bailey is getting a little to old to be dressing around Trevor and Callen. Don't believe me... see this post on the birds and the bees.

2- Trevor is currently in the terrible, terrible twos. He is a bad influence on my sweet Callen, who has already started hitting back... and laughing. Yeah, the little crap heads... what do you do about that mess!

3- That's a lot of clothes and stuff to store in one room.

4- I REALLY want to be able to decorate a "girls" room, and a "boys" room... but this is the least of my worries... obviously. {This is assuming that this baby is a girl, like I'm pretty sure it is}.

Option #2: Bailey and Trevor together; Callen and Baby together. {like they are now}, and Callen and baby together}.

My hang ups for this plan: 

1- Callen is a TALKER, and he is LOUD. That poor baby won't get any sleep. {My babies don't last in a bassinet for more than a month, they get too big... and we both sleep better when they are in the crib anyway, the baby in my bedroom is NOT an option.}

See #1 one and #4 above.

Option #3: Bailey and baby together, Trevor and Callen together. She sleeps like a passed out drunk... which comes in handy... because she will pass out even while a baby is screaming bloody murder, and sleep through it all night.

My hang ups for this plan:

1- Part of me thinks this might work, except for those days {which are half of the total number of days} in which she has problems going to sleep, fits and noise ensues and it's not pretty.

2- She also thinks it's okay and fun to wake people up, and play with them, {even at bed time} Need I say more?

Okay, people. Your turn. Weigh in... What have your experiences been? What worked best for your family? Any suggestions or other options you'd like to add?

Just please remember to leave the comments on the blog, not on facebook so I can find them later! Thanks so much!


  1. I think # 3 Bailey & baby together, weather its a boy or girl!! I think she can learn to adjust to not bugging, you can talk to her about being nice & quiet so she dosen't wake it up & you can threaten her within a inch of her life if she isn't nice! LOL J/K If she goes to bed before the baby & is asleep 1st then she can't wake it up! It seems like a baby often is still up after the olders go to bed anyway!

  2. Yes, I would have Bailey and baby girl together after having a big-sister-alone dinner out with her and tell her about the changes and how much you're counting on her to be the OLDEST and the behaviors that entails (many example situations). OR Option 4 which is Trevor and baby girl in one room and Callen and Bailey in the other room :) Tell Bailey she can move into the 'pretty room' when she can show her maturity every night and tell Trevor he can move into the 'cool boy room' when he stops hitting (and laughing about it too!). Tada!

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  4. Oh DELIMAS! :) I'd probably put the older 3 in a room together, and the baby in a room. At least to start off. Just because I know mine would want to pick the baby up and I'd be afraid they'd drop them or climb in the crip with them and hurt them. Once the babies about a year old I'd switch it to a girls room and a boys room. Plus Bailey should be starting kindergarten and may need more sleep, and the new baby may not sleep thru the night and wake her up. Sounds like a hassel you need another room girlie!