Saturday, April 28, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder... right?

So, I guess I should take a minute and apologize for my absence. I've been a little down lately. I didn't realize it though.. until Jeffrey informed me that I was being negative.

Fact #1: I've struggled with depression my whole life. I'm usually pretty good about maintaining and not succumbing TOO much.

Fact #2: I am naturally, a negative person. Though I've made vast improvements in this area in the past 10-15 years... lately it's been BAD.

That said. I kept taking pictures and had blog posts in mind to share and all the them somehow turned into rants and raves. So I just decided to drink a big fat glass of shut the heck up. I didn't/don't want to bring you fine people down with me, so I just decided if I can't say anything positive or nice... don't say anything.

That and my computer is crap right now. Seriously, my hard drive is maxed out, I have 3GB left on the entire thing. I can't even download a software update. It takes FOREVER to do anything... and I'm not a patient person. So I couldn't upload pictures, or even get an entire post done and posted.

That's going to change REALLY soon. This baby is getting an internal face lift.

Thank you SO much for being patient. I'm sorry I abandoned you briefly. It shant happen again. Scouts honor! {Does that still count, if I was never a girl scout?} Let's pretend I was.

Let's stay positive... and feel free to tell me to suck it up and get over myself. I need to hear it from time to time :)

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  1. I totally get that. I think sometimes we all need someone to rant to or somewhere to rant. It's hard to find a balance when when you are dealing with a lot of stress. **Hugs**