Friday, April 27, 2012

Small Victories!

Bailey's class made dirt pies in class last week. When I found out, I went home and cried {I will admit, I was having a particularly hormonal day, already}. I just KNEW I wouldn't find any chocolate pudding that was Gluten Free/ Casein Free. That's a bit naive of me, since I don't make pudding.... ever. It's one of those things, I can't eat if I make it myself, weird, I know. But it is what it is.

Their diet restrictions get pretty DANG overwhelming at times {A LOT of the time, actually}. It really stinks that my kids GET SICK from eating the dang things. Especially the dairy, which cuts out A LOT of desserts and food items. 

I thought for sure, that my sweet Bailey was going to be the only kid in her class that couldn't eat her dirt pie. It broke my overly weepy, pregnant heart.

Anyway, I was telling Jeffrey and he googled it as we were speaking and he found this pretty dang awesome blog Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom. She has a lot of really good information about food allergies, and recipes, etc.. 

Not only was there a GF/CF pudding recipe. It was also Soy Free... which means Trevor can eat it too! Hooray! It's really hard finding things that they both can have. A lot of GF stuff has soy in it, and the majority of dairy substituted products have soy in it. So, for example, Bailey's GF chocolate chip cookies {by Pamela's Bakery, they are really good}, Trevor can't have them, because they have soy in them.

{Trevor ended up not liking the pudding, he spit that junk out REALLY QUICKLY! I was almost mad at him! Then I calmed down and realized, that's just he crazy talking...}

I also recently found a brand at our local health food store, Native Sun, called Enjoy Life. All of their products are made in dedicated manufacturing plants and are free of the 8 main allergens {because the owner, herself has food allergies}: wheat, dairy,peanuts,tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish. How fantastic is THAT!

I cried as I explored the blog and read the recipe, too. Jeffrey asked me why I was crying over the blog... I ignored him. I was crying because it's really, really overwhelming and hard to eliminate staple foods from your {or the kids} diet. It's more overwhelming, because they aren't all the same intolerances. Even more, overwhelming, that is costs a fortune and it's just flipping EXHAUSTING. Add to that the fact that people think I'm crazy and prudish for not letting my kids have things that everyone else can eat.

 I am aware, that they don't realize that THE PEDIATRICIAN told me to eliminate them, or that they all feel incredibly better when they don't have that stuff, or that it actually is a real problem and not me being a brat... but that doesn't matter. In fact, I'm not sure why it should matter to anyone else anyways. The lack of support gets REALLY irritating and overwhelming and hurtful at times.

 So I cried, when I found a blog that offers easy recipes, products I'd never heard of, and information I hadn't previously known, I cried, like a baby. I make no apologies for my blubbering either... plus I'm pregnant. So, who the freak is going to tell the fat pregnant chick she can't cry... NO ONE.

Happiness is found in the small victories. Like making a chocolate pudding my kids {or kid} can actually enjoy.

What's that you say? But chocolate is dairy? Why, yes... when manufacturers add dairy to it. Chocolate in and of it's self doesn't contain dairy. It's all in the way it's processed. Enjoy Life's chocolate chips are made with dairy free cocoa butter, so it's safe! YAY, for chocolate my kids can eat! Of course, the price point is not a yay. But, you can't have it all.

I usually don't try the kids food. I'm a BIG weenie with trying new food. Let alone, the hippie food.  I did try the pudding... just a dab on my finger. I was feeling adventurous.

It wasn't too bad. I mean, it's no Snack Pack or anything. If I couldn't have dairy, I could make do with it though... Jeffrey agreed.

I would add more chocolate to it though next time {for myself, not for the kids, they don't need extra sugar, or caffein, because raw chocolate has more of both}.

Anyway, try it if you like!

That's my novella for the day. The End.

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