Saturday, May 26, 2012

Apples & Oranges

There are Apples {macs} and there are PC's {oranges}. I have wanted a Mac since high school. That's a LONG time. So I finally needed a new computer a few years ago, when student loan money came in. It cost me $1200. YEAH. But honestly, I paid about that for my POS Dell, that never worked properly. So it was worth it to me to have it

My mac is about 4 years old. Lately, the ole girl is hitting menopause. Let me just say... I've put out $100 dollars in repairs at the genius bar. Do you know how much they charge for labor when you need something repaired?

Are you ready for this? $39.00. That is a 3-9. 00. How great is that.

Trip 1: So, I took it in because there was something wrong with the way it was charging. The part to fix it was $10.00. YEAH. The genius bar tech noticed all the cracking around the edge of this old maid and said it was a known problem... so they were going to replace the entire keyboard and top rim... FO FREE. $0.00 cost for labor or parts. So, all I paid was $10.00... and my computer got a facelift.

Trip 2: Mr. Shaw and I were goofing off as I had my computer resting on my hip {stupid I know}, and I naturally jerked to avoid getting tickled and my open computer crashed to the floor. Yes, seriously. The tech this time did tell me that the only reason they could do it was because the screen itself wasn't crack and was functioning properly. So they replaced the hinges and the outside of the screen and everything, I think it was around $100 or so. $39.00 for labor, still.

Trip 3: My screen started freaking out the other day. So, the nice tech looked at my history and everything, and came back and told me that because I've been having so much trouble in the past 6 months, he's going to send it out to have everything fixed, the screen and stuff. NO COST TO ME. That's right people, NO PARTS, NO LABOR. BUT, I do know that I'm going to be needing a new battery here in the next few months. So, I'm going to save myself $39.00 on labor and have them go ahead and do that. So, my cost will be $100.00. If you walk in and buy a battery it's $129.00, if you go through the genius bar, $99.00 + labor. They need it for 5-7 days though, and Callen's bday party is coming up and the move, so I told him I'd bring it back in after I get all my docs and stuff pdf'ed. He gave me a card with a reference number on it. So I'll just take it in, hand over this not so haggy lady and she'll come back new.

Now, Jeffrey and I put in a new hard drive recently {~$169.00} and some new/more RAM {$30}, and upgraded the software {FO FREE, thanks to my friend Chris, who let you use hers} so she really is like a new computer!

It makes me glad I paid a small fortune for it, cause now that she needed a little work done, it was MUCH cheaper than buying a new one, and I just don't think I can ever go back to a PC. For one, I've pretty much forgotten how to use them, and B, they are so much better and easier to use.

That is all. I just wanted to share A- why my posts have been so far in between sometimes, and B- how awesome mac products are and their affordability to repair. It definitely makes it worth it.

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